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What happens at the first dependency court hearing?

What happens at the first dependency court hearing?

At the first hearing a few different things will happen. First, if you cannot afford a lawyer, the judge will appoint one for you. The judge will also appoint a lawyer for the other parent of your child if he or she shows up for the first court hearing. Most counties will also appoint an attorney for your child.

Can a relative go to a dependency hearing?

In general, relatives can go to Dependency hearings. The Court needs to know the names, addresses, and other information about all the relatives. The child can be sent to live with them, or they can support the child and other family members. If a child can’t stay with the parents, the Court would rather send them to live with relatives.

Who is appointed to represent children in dependency proceedings?

Children have the right to be represented at each stage of dependency proceedings and an attorney is appointed by the court for that purpose. Ordinarily, the attorneys who are appointed to represent children in dependency proceedings are members of the organization known as Kidsvoice.

Who is a party in a dependency case?

Parties: A party is someone who has the right to: In a Dependency case, a party can be: What are common legal problems with fathers? The Juvenile Court has to know who a child’s legal father is. If the parents were married when the child was born, the Court assumes that the husband is the father.

What happens at a disposition hearing in dependency court?

Dependency Court Hearings, continued. A disposition hearing is held to determine the custody and control of the child and only after the court makes a finding that the child is dependent.

What do you need to know about dependency court?

Dependency Court Process A dependency is an assertion by the state or a third party that a parent is unfit or unable to care for their child or children. The Department of Child Safety (DCS) is usually the party who requests the state file a dependency petition to remove the children from the custody of the parents.

When does a child become a dependent of the court?

This is called jurisdiction in the law; that is why the hearing is called the jurisdiction hearing. If the judge decides that any of the allegations are true and your child isn’t safe, then your child will become a dependent of the court – whether your child is living with you or not. That means your child is in the system.

When does a juvenile dependency hearing take place?

It is hard not to try to please the judge who feeds you and these attorneys are almost always way overburdened with little time to spend on any one case. The initial hearing occurs within 72 hours when a child is detained from his parents. If not, the hearing has no particular time when it must occur.