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What happens after suspect invokes right to attorney?

What happens after suspect invokes right to attorney?

Remember: The law governing a renewed attempt at interrogation after a suspect invokes the right to an attorney differs from the rules governing a second interrogation after invocation of the right to remain silent.

Who was the plaintiff in Garcetti v Ceballos?

The plaintiff in the case was a district attorney who claimed that he had been passed up for a promotion for criticizing the legitimacy of a warrant.

Who was the man who invoked his right to counsel?

Medina and the victim had partnered in a drug sales enterprise. Medina fled from Utah to Colorado, where he was arrested and later interviewed by detectives. When a detective gave Medina a Miranda warning, Medina invoked his right to counsel.

Who is the district attorney in Los Angeles?

Richard Ceballos had been employed since 1989 as a deputy district attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney ’s Office, which at the time was headed by Gil Garcetti.

Can a lawyer be sued for being an expert witness?

Generally, the expert witness must be an attorney practicing in the same practice area and same locale as the attorney being sued. An attorney is a fiduciary of his client, and the attorney owes the client a duty of utmost good faith. As part of this duty, the attorney has several obligations to the client.

Can a lawyer be sued for advice and opinion?

What constitutes advice and opinion is still being determined by the courts. Clearly, an attorney could still be sued for the actions described above, but there are still questions about how much further the exemptions extend. Attorneys may also be sued for committing fraud on their clients.

Can a lawyer be sued by a non-client?

Attorneys may occasionally be liable to non-clients if the attorney makes a false misrepresentation that the attorney knows will be relied upon by the non-client. These claims are discussed in more detail in the section of the site relating to who may sue attorneys.

How to search for case summaries in caselaw?

Run a search for case summaries or select a jurisdiction to browse applicable laws. For additional primary sources and articles on legal practice visit our Professional Reference Material section. Code of Fed. Regulations