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What happened to the museum of Baghdad?

What happened to the museum of Baghdad?

The Iraq Museum in Baghdad was looted in 2003 but has since reopened. A statue of Nabu, the 8th century BC Assyrian god of wisdom, stands before the building.

Why was the Iraq museum looted?

In one notorious incident, days after U.S. troops took over, Iraqis looted Baghdad’s National Museum of an estimated 15,000 items, just over a fourth of which had been returned as of March. In the years since, corruption and the neglect of archaeological sites due to a lack of funds have enabled further looting.

What went missing from the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad?

On April 10 2003, the first looters broke into the National Museum of Iraq. One of the museum objects that remains lost is a black stone weight shaped like a duck made around 2070 BC and excavated from the ancient city of Ur. Another is a fluted gold and lapis bowl from a royal cemetery in the same city.

Who founded the National Museum of Iraq?

archaeologist Gertrude Bell
Though I had seen images of the destruction that took place a month before, the sight was startling. Inside it was worse. The administrative area was in shambles. Filing cabinets were turned over, and papers dating back to the museum’s founding by British archaeologist Gertrude Bell in the 1920s, were strewn about.

Where were more than 15000 irreplaceable items looted?

[Watch: Islamic State militants smash ancient, irreplaceable artifacts with sledgehammers.] Iraqi authorities have worked for years to recover some of the estimated 15,000 items stolen from the national museum in 2003, when looting went largely unchecked by U.S. forces.

Who made the mask of Warka?

Dr A. Nöldeke
Discovery. The Mask of Warka was discovered on 22 February 1939 by the expedition of the German Archaeological Institute, led by Dr A. Nöldeke, in the city of Uruk south of modern Baghdad. The Mask was found in the Eanna (or Ianna) district of the city — so named for the goddess Inanna to whom the temples are dedicated …

Why do some groups destroy cultural artifacts or loot from museums?

Some objects are thought to enhance the prestige of their owner. Certain persons and groups loot, appropriate, or destroy objects to perpetuate cultural genocide on other groups. However, the contestation of images is ultimately about power and control.

Does Iraq get cold?

Many people imagine Iraq to be a warm country, but it does get very cold in the winter season. Around now, in November, we start to get heavy rains and the temperatures plummets. In December and January, we often have snow and temperatures fall below 0c.