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What font family is Mistral?

What font family is Mistral?

script typeface
Mistral is a casual script typeface designed by Roger Excoffon for the Fonderie Olive type foundry, and released in 1953….Mistral (typeface)

Category Script
Foundry Fonderie Olive Amsterdam Type Foundry
Variations Staccato 222

What is Mistral font used for?

As a mixture of caps, though, Mistral looks like a totally different font: sleek, sultry, sexy, and sophisticated. It was actually widely used in the 1990s for this effect as the logo typeface for the late-night TV crime drama Silk Stalkings.

Where can I find similar fonts?

Here are the best places to look for free fonts similar to your favorite paid fonts. You’ll find free font alternatives in minutes….So, let’s take a look at the best ways to find free fonts similar to paid fonts.

  1. Alternatype.
  2. Identifont.
  3. What Font Is.
  4. WhatTheFont.
  5. Font Matcherator.
  6. Photoshop.

What font is most similar to Nike?

One of the best alternatives that you can go with for the Nike font is the Didact Gothic. You already know it is a sans-serif font. It was created to present each of the letters to showcase each letter like the forms from elementary classrooms.

What font is used for NWA?

The cover for N.W.A’s debut studio album was designed by Helane Freeman for Priority Records. Mistral is used in all caps.

What font is NWA?

What fonts are similar?

WhatTheFont and 4 Alternatives to Find Fonts From Images

  • WhatTheFont. WhatTheFont is arguably the most well-known of all the free font finder apps.
  • Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel is more than just a font identifier and font search tool.
  • IdentiFont.
  • Fontspring.
  • WhatFontIs.

What fonts are similar to Calibri?

Fonts Similar to Calibri

  • Stickler: Modern Typeface + WebFont.
  • Carino: A Modern Elegant Typeface.
  • Clarity Nuvo: Clean & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface.
  • Grafic Simple and Clean Sans Serif Typeface.
  • Rockyeah Sans Serif Font.
  • Asure All Caps Sans Serif Typeface.
  • Autogate Sans Serif Font.
  • Gabriella: Modern Typeface + WebFonts.

What font does Jordan Brand use?

Jordan Druk
Using the brand’s own typeface, Jordan Druk, as a starting point, we created a thin monoline display typeface designed specifically to be used at a large scale over imagery.

What font is good for making text stand out?

Serif or Sans-Serif Sans-serif fonts are easier to read when there just a few words, so are great for making statements.

Are there any free fonts similar to Mistral?

What fonts are similar to Mistral? 100 Free fonts alternatives to Mistral. 1 1. ArTarumianAnpuit. DOWNLOAD. $ Free > Personal Use. ArTarumianAnpuit font. 2 2. ArTarumianGrig. 3 3. OPTIMistral-Graff. 4 4. WaifSSK. 5 5. Mariah Regular.

When did Roger Excoffon make the Mistral font?

Mistral is a brush script typeface designed by Roger Excoffon and released through French foundry Fonderie Olive in 1953. The design was based on Excoffon’s own handwriting and features connected letterforms when set in lowercase.

What was the name of the rap group that used Mistral?

The rap group N.W.A. used Mistral on the cover of their seminal album Straight Outta Compton, which demonstrates the versatility of the typeface. Purchase through this link to help support Typewolf.