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What does it mean to be a remarkable woman?

What does it mean to be a remarkable woman?

1 worthy of note or attention. a remarkable achievement. 2 unusual, striking, or extraordinary.

What is this word squirmed mean?

to wriggle or writhe. to feel or display discomfort or distress, as from reproof, embarrassment, pain, etc.: He squirmed under the judge’s questioning. noun.

What are the remarkable qualities of a woman?

10 Traits of a Successful Woman

  • She has a positive attitude.
  • She can overcome obstacles.
  • She is strong-minded.
  • She is soft-hearted.
  • She has integrity.
  • She has balance in her life.
  • She sets goals.
  • She is driven by a cause.

Who was the most remarkable woman?

The following timeline is our tribute, by no means exhaustive, to remarkable women who have shown the world just what they’re made of.

  • 1897. 1897. Millicent Fawcett.
  • 1903. Emmeline Pankhurst.
  • 1903. 1903.
  • 1913. Emily Wilding Davison.
  • 1914-18. 1914-18.
  • 1932. Amelia Earhart.
  • 1955. 1955.
  • 1939-45. Women of World War II.

What does impressive woman mean?

Something that is impressive impresses you, for example because it is great in size or degree, or is done with a great deal of skill. adj.

What embalmed means?

1 : to treat (a dead body) so as to protect from decay. 2 : to fill with sweet odors : perfume. 3 : to protect from decay or oblivion : preserve embalm a hero’s memory. 4 : to fix in a static condition.

What is the most attractive feature of a woman?

Facial symmetry has been shown to be considered attractive in women, and men have been found to prefer full lips, high forehead, broad face, small chin, small nose, short and narrow jaw, high cheekbones, clear and smooth skin, and wide-set eyes.

What makes a woman high quality?

High-quality women know how to control their emotions and are not ashamed of the way they feel. They can laugh, cry, yell, celebrate, share, and be happy without the worry of being judged or ridiculed. She expresses how she feels and won’t be afraid to let you know about it.

What makes the writer’s mother a remarkable woman?

She had a strong sense of self and she believed that as a woman she had rights. She also believed she could choose what she wanted to do. She knew that lives had to be saved and women had to be empowered.

What is a exceptional woman?

An exceptional woman is one with a sense of inclusion and rightness that can change the world. There are many exceptional women who need to not only be brought to the table but be encouraged to make their own way there, to sit and share with strength, poise, beauty, and dignity.

What is an example of impressive?

“His accomplishments are extremely impressive.” “Her singing was far from impressive tonight.” “Both paintings are equally impressive.” “Her acting is consistently impressive in her movies.”