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What does GT HO stand for?

What does GT HO stand for?

GTHO. Get the Hell On!

What is the difference between a GT and a Gtho?

Visually, there are really only two external differences between the GT and the GT-HO. That’s the front and rear spoilers. The GT had the shaker and it had everything else bar that plastic front air-dam and the fibreglass rear wing.

What does RPO 83 mean?

Regular Production Option
The name comes from the production option code RPO (Regular Production Option) 83 which was available on the XA GT and included a number of components from the stillborn Phase IV program. Exactly what those components were remains the subject of debate even today because they varied from car to car.

How much is a XY GT Falcon worth?

Ford Falcon GTHO Phase IV sets new price record for an Australian-made road car. One of Australia’s rarest cars – a 1972 Ford XA Falcon GTHO Phase IV – has reportedly sold for $1.75 million, overtaking the previous record of $1.15 million paid for a pristine 1971 Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase III earlier this year.

Is the Ford Falcon XW GT available in Australia?

This information guide covers the Australian Ford Falcon XW GT and GT-HO vehicles. The XW was the third generation Falcon GT, and the first to offer the HO (Handling Option) homologation model. The XW Falcon GT was sold exclusively to the Australian market.

What kind of trim did Ford XW GT have?

All XW GT and GT-HO vehicles had Fairmont specification trim. Door card and seat trim colours included Dark Saddle Vinyl (trim code “ K ”) or Black Vinyl (trim code “ B ”). Seat vinyl trim included woven insert panels on the squab and backs, or optional cloth insert panels.

What are the colors of the XW GTHO?

XW GTHO Colours by Number Paint Code Paint Colour GTHO Phase 1.5 Phase2 R Diamond White 57 22 40 G Candy Apple Red 59 26 17 Y Grecian Gold 35 8 18 M Reef Green 28 12 20

What is the colour code for a XT GT?

The XR figures are extrapolated from production numbers and known special colours. A lot of gaps exist in the recorded codes. should be “L”. My XT GT (with VIN plate) which is JG33HG April 1968 has the colour code L and Gord informed me this is gold.