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What does a Level 2 EB Games card do?

What does a Level 2 EB Games card do?

Level 1 and Level 2: Get a $10 voucher when they spend $50 for their birthday. Level 3 and Level 4: Get a $10 voucher for their birthday, starting from May 2021. Level 5: Get a $20 voucher.

What do the carrots mean at EB Games?

Headed up by its rabbit mascot ‘Buck’, EB rewards customers for money spent in store, trade values and various other means by issuing ‘carrots’. The more carrots you earn, the more privileges you have. Customers can also earn carrots for trading in games.

How do you get to level 5 EB Games?

As of September this year, 9,999 people will move up to level 5, which is quite a significant jump over the 1,000 or so people that had been Level 5 prior to this year. All you have to do is be in the top 9,999 carrot earners as of September 1st, 2021.

What does EB Games give you on your birthday?

EB Games have just added more benefits to their EB World program with yearly birthday vouchers. If you are a level 3 or 4 EB World member you’ll receive a $10 voucher, if you’re a level 5 EB World member you’ll receive a $20 voucher. Birthday vouchers will be sent out on the first day of your birthday month.

What are Zing carrots?

You’ll earn Carrots for all instore and online purchases from EB Games and Zing Pop Culture made with your EB World card or account. You can also earn extra Carrots when you trade, preorder or buy preowned products. When you reach certain amounts of Carrots you’ll Level Up!

What is EB birthday reward?

Why is it called EB Games?

EB Games (formerly known as Electronics Boutique and EB World) is an American computer and video games retailer….EB Games.

Type Division of GameStop
Industry Electronics Stores
Founded 1977 (as Electronics Boutique) King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

How many members does EB world have?

6 million members
In December 2019 the EB World membership exceeded 6 million members.

What happened to the EB Games app?

The functionality which the app has now has all been moved to the EB Games website so you don’t have to carry around your card with you. You can now also see which preorders you have on the website. RIP EB World app, Android users didn’t even know you.

Does EB Games Price Match Australia?

EB Games Australia on Twitter: “@impulsegrenades Hello, We do not price match hardware, including consoles and console bundles.

What are the levels of EB Games membership?

Membership Level 1 is the entry-level Membership Level. Membership Level 2 is awarded to Members who have earned at least 1200 Carrots but less than 4500 Carrots. Membership Level 3 is awarded to Members who earn at least 4500 Carrots but less than 9500 Carrots.

Can you get level 5 in EB World?

Well, as of today, privileged members have been receiving level 5 EB World memberships. Previously, gamers could only receive the maximum of Level 4.

Where do I pick up my EB Games balance?

Online Pick Up In Store – Simply visit the nominated store, which you selected online to be picked up at and from there you will be able to pay the remaining balance amount in store with either the following payment types: EB Games Gift Cards, Trades and Bank or Credit Cards.

What does EB Games stand for in Australia?

1. Definitions. ‘EB Games’ means Electronics Boutique Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 50 077 681 442), and includes all subsidiaries thereof, including EB Games, Zing Pop Culture, and EB World.