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What does 60 ft mean in drag racing?

What does 60 ft mean in drag racing?

60 FOOT TIMER Measures the time it takes the car to cross the first 60 feet of the quarter-mile. This shows you how well the car launches, which affects your elapsed times. Most street-tired cars have 60 foot times around 2 seconds.

What is footbrake drag racing?

FB/Footbrake � Footbrake is a class of cars that don�t have electronics to aid in the launch of the car, basically the driver has to apply the brakes and the gas at the same time releasing the brake when ready to launch. Street � Street is a class that is for cars like you drive on the road each day.

What does it mean to pedal in drag racing?

Pedaling: When a driver lifts off the throttle, then gets back on it again, in an attempt to regain traction with the rear tires.

Why is a drag strip 1/4 mile?

Many classes in NHRA drag racing—actually, all but the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes—still compete on a quarter-mile course. The thought was that would allow the cars more time to slow down (from a slower speed than they customarily would have been traveling) and an extra 320 feet of shutdown area.

What does box and no box mean in drag racing?

A delay box is a device that assists in perfecting your reaction time in a drag race, however some drag racers conceal the device and race in a no box class. During a race, a driver releases a button that internally countdowns the electric signal until it releases the trans-brake to almost a perfect light.

At what RPM should you launch a Transbrake?

Anywhere between 3500 and 4500 with a converter that would “flash” to between 6700-7000 depending on air.

How do you use a Transbrake?

Immediately press the trans-brake button but remember to keep your foot on the brake pedal. Wait for a split second in order to give the brake time to engage. As far as rpm is concerned, higher doesn’t necessarily mean better or faster.