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What do you need to know about Iowa Gov?

What do you need to know about Iowa Gov?

Whether you’re an Iowa resident or are interested in learning more about what our state has to offer, is your hub for information about business regulations, government, citizen health, education, transparency and more.

Why was covid-19 vaccine stopped in Iowa prison?

For now, administration of COVID-19 vaccines has halted in the prison, and an investigation will be conducted, Overton said. Two nursing staff members who allegedly administered the vaccine to the 77 inmates have been placed on leave “pending the outcome of the investigation,” Overton said.

Who are the agencies of the state of Iowa?

State of Iowa Agency Guidance Reopening Guidance for the State of Iowa Iowa Dept. of Public Health and CDC (guidance for state and U.S. public health) Iowa Dept. of Inspections & Appeals (guidance for farmers markets, healthcare facilities, bars, restaurants, hotels) State Fire Marshal (guidance for determining occupant capacity)

Is there insurance for TNC passengers in Iowa?

In 2016, Iowa passed legislation outlining in detail protections for TNC passengers as well as the many responsibilities of the TNC and the TNC driver, including insurance coverages. This gives TNC passengers certainty that their ride will be insured.

What did Iowa and Missouri go to war over?

Iowa and Missouri once went to war with each other. The Honey War was a bloodless dispute over territory which led to the militias facing each other, one Missouri sheriff being arrested for collecting taxes in Iowa, and three trees containing bee hives being cut down. 9. Iowa was (almost) the site of the dinosaur extinction.

Where was woman impaled by corn rake in Iowa?

A woman is impaled by a corn rake – but do her fatal injuries add up to murder? A farmer’s wife is found in a shed on their Iowa farm with a corn rake lodged in her back. The rake has just four tines – so why does she have six puncture wounds?

When did the plane crash in Newton Iowa?

On August 31, 1969, the eve of his 46th birthday, Rocky was flying in a private plane outside of Newton. There was some bad weather, and the pilot tried to set the plane down in a field, but hit a tree, killing everyone on board. 8. Iowa and Missouri went to war with each other.

Which is the best news station in Iowa?

(Error Code: 102630) Two stations, one team. CBS2 & FOX 28 News is now Iowa’s News Now. The news industry is ever-changing, and we are evolving to better serve you.

Can a police officer ask for a drivers license in Iowa?

DES MOINES — The Iowa Supreme Court has made it significantly more difficult for police to continue to ask questions or even ask for a driver’s license during routine traffic stops if there is no reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed.

What was the Iowa Supreme Court decision on driver’s license?

“We conclude that when the reason for a traffic stop is resolved and there is no other basis for reasonable suspicion, article I, section 8 of the Iowa Constitution requires that the driver must be allowed to go his or her way without further ado,” wrote Justice Brent Appel in the majority opinion.

Who is the Commissioner of Public Safety in Iowa?

Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Roxann Ryan expressed concerns about officer safety and said undue restrictions on traffic stops have unintended consequences for public safety.