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What do you need to know about an ID token?

What do you need to know about an ID token?

The ID Token contains user profile information, such as the user’s name and email, represented in the form of claims. These claims are statements about the user, which can be trusted if you can verify its signature. You can get an ID Token for a user after they successfully authenticate and you must validate it before storing and using it.

What is the name of the identity tokens namespace?

System.IdentityModel.Tokens Namespace. The System.IdentityModel.Tokens namespace contains classes that represent security tokens, security token handlers, key identifier clauses and other artifacts used in token generation and processing.

What does the KeyInfo in identity tokens mean?

The KeyInfo describes the key required to check the signature. When the key is needed this clause will be presented to the current SecurityTokenResolver. It will contain the Saml2Assertion fully read which can be queried to determine the key required. Represents a security token that is based upon a SAML assertion.

What are the classes in Windows identity tokens?

Contains base classes such as SecurityToken, SecurityTokenHandler, and SecurityKeyIdentifierClause, as well as classes that derive from these classes and represent several of the token types, artifacts, and handlers for which the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) has built in support.

How are name tokens used in Microsoft identity?

The name claim provides a human-readable value that identifies the subject of the token. The value isn’t guaranteed to be unique, it is mutable, and it’s designed to be used only for display purposes. The profile scope is required to receive this claim. The nonce matches the parameter included in the original /authorize request to the IDP.

Which is the correct way to name a design token?

Design tokens across code (left), documentation (center) and design tool styles (right). The naming isn’t perfect: can you spot the inconsistency? And naming is hard. Building token schema is a formative and occasionally passionate activity for a team.

What are the different versions of access tokens?

There are two versions of access tokens available in the Microsoft identity platform: v1.0 and v2.0. These versions govern what claims are in the token, ensuring that a web API can control what their tokens look like.

What does rs256 mean on Microsoft ID tokens?

Indicates that the token is a JWT. Indicates the algorithm that was used to sign the token. Example: “RS256” Thumbprint for the public key used to sign this token. Emitted in both v1.0 and v2.0 id_tokens. The same (in use and value) as kid. However, this is a legacy claim emitted only in v1.0 id_tokens for compatibility purposes.