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What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job as a pharmacy technician?

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job as a pharmacy technician?

Attention to Detail Ensuring the safety of customers is the most important part of a pharmacy technician’s job. Keeping customers safe means sweating the small stuff when it comes to filling prescriptions or compounding medications. In addition to helping keep the pharmacy organized, records are often required by law.

What are the aspects of pharmacist?

As a pharmacist, you will be able to care for your patients in many important ways, including:

  • Planning and implementing effective drug therapy.
  • Monitoring and evaluating drug therapy to identify and solve patient-specific drug therapy problems.
  • Evaluating clinical literature.

What are the job duties of a pharmacy technician?

Pharmacy Technician Job Responsibilities: Supports pharmacological services by stocking, assembling, and distributing medications. Helps health care providers and patients by greeting them in person and by phone, answering questions and requests, and referring inquiries to the pharmacist.

What skills should a pharmacy tech have?

These 6 skills include mathematical proficiency, good communication, organizational skills, computer skills, critical thinking and problem solving. With these skills, the pharmacy technician will be able to help patients and support the Pharmacist in the process.

What should a pharmacy tech put on a resume?

List of Skills to Put on a Pharmacy Technician Resume

Hard Skills Soft Skills
Ordering Skills Math Skills
HIPAA Compliance Stress Management
Maintaining Pharmacy Equipment Problem Solving
Preparing Prescriptions Labels Time Management

What skills do you need to be a pharmacist?

20 Essential Skills Needed to Be a Pharmacist

  • Accuracy. When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, attention to detail is literally a matter of life and death – and there is no room for error.
  • Integrity.
  • Scientific aptitude.
  • Mathematical skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Advocacy.
  • Management skills.

What personality type is a pharmacist?

Pharmacists are investigative and conventional Pharmacists tend to be predominantly investigative individuals, which means that they are quite inquisitive and curious people that often like to spend time alone with their thoughts.

What does a pharmacy tech?

What does a pharmacy technician do? A pharmacy technician works closely with a pharmacist to ensure the health and safety of their patients. They locate, dispense, pack, and label a prescribed medication for a patient that is then reviewed for accuracy by a pharmacist before dispensed to the patient.

What are five duties of pharmacy technicians in a community setting?

5 Important pharmacy technician duties

  • Receiving and confirming prescription orders. What does a pharmacy tech do day-to-day?
  • Preparing and filling prescriptions.
  • Interacting with customers and answering questions.
  • Managing inventory and performing organization tasks.
  • Various specialized roles.

What is your greatest weakness as a pharmacy technician?

Regarding weakness, it’s cliche to say “my greatest weakness is that I work too hard” or some variation. Be honest – but spin it in a positive way. For example, maybe you work a little slower than others because you double and triple check your orders.

What is your greatest strength as pharmacy technician?

7 Proven Qualities of a Great Pharmacy Technician

  • Customer-Service Skills. Much of a Pharmacy Technician’s time is spent with customers.
  • Detail Oriented.
  • Listening Skills.
  • Math Skills.
  • Organizational Skills.
  • Multi-tasking Ability.
  • Sound Judgment.

What skills do pharmacy technicians need?

What does a pharmacy technician do in a pharmacy?

They’re called pharmacy technicians, and they play an important role in the healthcare system. But what does a pharmacy technician do exactly? The simple answer is they assist the pharmacist with various tasks. But let’s take a closer look at their specific responsibilities and what it takes to perform them. What do pharmacy technicians do?

Is there a career ladder for pharmacy technicians?

“Career ladders or tiered advancement programs for technicians often have lead technicians or technician supervisors at the top rung; however, not everyone is a natural leader or supervisor ,” stated Angela Cassano, PharmD, BCPS, in her Pharmacy, Purchasing & Products’ article “Expanding the Role of Pharmacy Technicians” (April 2012).

Is the job market for pharmacy technicians good?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts employment for pharmacy technicians will be good through at least 2018, with jobs increasing by 31 percent, much faster than average for all occupations. An aging population needs more pharmaceutical products, and scientific advances continue to produce new drugs for more health conditions.

Who do you report to as a pharmacy technician?

Who does a Pharmacy Technician report to? A Pharmacy Technician typically reports directly to the Pharmacist or Head Pharmacist to complete tasks and receive directions. In larger pharmacies, Pharmacy Technicians may report to a Pharmacy Technician Supervisor.