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What did the Navy credit union falsely threaten?

What did the Navy credit union falsely threaten?

Falsely threatened legal action and wage garnishment: The credit union sent letters to members threatening to take legal action unless they made a payment. But in reality, it seldom took any such actions.

Are there any class action lawsuits against Elmiron?

Lawsuits are now being filed on behalf of Elmiron patients who suffered permanent retinal injuries and seek to recover money for physical and mental anguish, medical expenses and more. The suits allege that the drug is defective and unreasonably dangerous and was not adequately labeled to warn both patients and doctors of its risks.

Are there any class action lawsuits against insurance companies?

Dozens of class action lawsuits have been filed by independent contractors who say they’re actually employees under the law. A number of lawsuits have been filed against insurance companies over allegations that they’re not paying their investigators properly.

Are there any class action lawsuits against cable companies?

Class action lawsuits are now being filed on behalf of cable installers and cable repair workers who say they’re not being paid properly. If you work or have worked as a cable installer or repair technician, read on for more information or get in touch with us to find out if you too have a case.

What is the lawsuit against Navy Federal Credit Union?

The lawsuit claims that Navy Federal breached its contract with member checking Account Holders by assessing and collecting Representment NSF Fees (as defined in the Settlement Agreement and explained in FAQ 3) on certain transactions.

What happens if a credit union is named in a lawsuit?

If ever a financial institution is named as a defendant in a lawsuit, the bank or credit union’s insurance agent and carrier should be promptly notified of the matter. As may be mandated by the terms of the policy, formal notification of the claim and a request for coverage may be required.

Can a credit union charge multiple NSF fees?

A complaint’s allegations often claim that the bank or credit union’s account agreement documents do not permit multiple NSF fees or that those agreement’s terms are too vague to allow the financial institution to rely upon its account rules as a defense.

Can a trade union member claim unclaimed funds?

Teachers, trade union members and other employees often neglect to claim credit union funds on retirement or termination of employment. Finally, don’t assume that because your credit union no longer exists that unclaimed funds are lost forever.