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What can you do with a UnionPay debit card?

What can you do with a UnionPay debit card?

The UnionPay debit card includes both PIN-based debit cards and signature-based debit cards. PIN-based debit cards support functions such as ATM access, POS purchases, Ecommerce, PCT and tax refund; while Signature-based debit cards also support payment functions such as CNP transactions like MO/TO, recurring transactions and pre-authorization.

How many merchants are supported by UnionPay cards?

The local transaction volume for use cases such as lifestyle, transport, and F&B grew over 200% in the first quarter.So far, UnionPay cards are supported by nearly 22 million overseas online merchants in more than 200 countries and regions.

Can you use a UnionPay card at a physical store?

In-App payments and physical stores may accept either one or both services for payment. If you tether your payment services to a UnionPay Bank Card, payments can be made by withdrawing the exact amount from your bank account. The wallet holds all your received funds to be used for direct payments.

Can a foreigner get a UnionPay card in China?

Previously, it was impossible for foreigners to apply for UnionPay cards as this requires that you have a Chinese bank account. However, several foreign payment service providers have started to offer prepaid UnionPay cards to foreigners recently.

The UnionPay debit card is a great alternative to carrying cash or checks. Cardholders can enjoy the convenience and security of making purchases with their own money simply by linking their bank accounts to a UnionPay debit card. The UnionPay debit card includes both PIN-based debit cards and signature-based debit cards.

How many countries are UnionPay cards accepted in?

In partnership with more than 2000 institutions worldwide, UnionPay International has enabled card acceptance in 178 countries and regions with issuance in 61 countries and regions.

Can you use UnionPay prepaid card in China?

Travel in style with one of the most popular payment options in China. With the UnionPay Prepaid Card from East West Bank, you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience in making payments while traveling internationally, especially in Asia.

Where can I use UnionPay card in Switzerland?

With these virtual cards, consumers can make QR payments after applying online in local wallet apps.At present, UnionPay cards are accepted by all ATMs and nearly 80% of merchants in Switzerland. The use cases are particularly diversified in Swiss cities such as Lucerne, Geneva and Zurich.