What can I do when I can no longer care for Mom?

What can I do when I can no longer care for Mom?

You will have to take your mother to an ER. You will have to say she cannot return to your home, that she at this point constitutes a danger to your household. She will be admitted and assessed. You will get in touch with hospital Social Workers on DAY ONE and make it clear.

Can a elder law attorney help a married couple?

An elder law attorney can devise a plan for a married couple to spend down their assets to qualify for long-term care Medicaid but still retain enough resources for the healthy spouse to remain in their home and cover their costs of living. Read: Spousal Impoverishment: Medicaid Spend-Down Rules for Married Couples

Where can I get a lawyer for free?

Federally funded legal services offices provide lawyers who are experts in helping low-income people with legal problems. Pro bono programs match low-income clients with volunteer lawyers, who agree to take their cases for free.

Do you need an attorney to apply for Medicaid?

Attorneys are well-versed in these and many other legal, medical and financial factors that determine if and when a senior’s application is approved. Finally, applying too early or too late can cost a senior and their family many thousands of dollars.

How did I survive the first six weeks of being a new mom?

Here’s how one mom survived the first six weeks of being a new mom and the advice she has for other parents. While my husband, Todd, drove us home from the hospital, I sat in the back and held our newborn daughter’s head straight in her car seat the whole way.

Who was asked to take care of my late mother?

And then there’s the cultural opprobrium: While I was never asked to take care of my late mother—we had been estranged for 13 years when she became ill—I have seen people reassess me when they learn that I did not see her before she died.

How long has my mom been with dementia?

Hello-I have been caregiving for my mom with dementia for 13 years now. She is at a point where she needs Memory Care. She was denied Medicaid. My sisters help on and off on weekends with no consistency.