What are the volunteer opportunities at Hart for horses?

What are the volunteer opportunities at Hart for horses?

Volunteer Opportunities: We offer numerous opportunities for dedicated people who want to make a difference in their community and in the lives of others, both equine and human: Volunteers support the HART mission by performing chores around the barn, helping to care for the horses and maintaining the facility.

What are the most important things I learned while volunteering?

While travel itself is filled with uncertainty, there is one thing that’s for sure: volunteering abroad is a life changing experience. For those who really put their effort into helping a humanitarian cause, the rewards and lessons learned can be priceless.

How to become a volunteer at an animal shelter?

Animal Shelter Volunteer 1 Oversee various aspects of animal care, including cleanliness, exercise and grooming 2 Help prepare animals for successful adoptions 3 Personally obtain donations for shelter, including financial contributions and supplies More …

What can I do to help Hart for horses?

Help is needed and appreciated at all skill levels. You may start off filling water troughs and cleaning stalls, but you can advance to feeding, leading, grooming, assisting instructors, and more! Our goal is to finish the chores in time to spend quality time with the horses, preparing them for their forever homes.

Where did I volunteer at as a child?

Another meaningful experience that sticks out to me is when I regularly volunteered at a children’s homeless shelter in Roxbury, Mass. for two years, and was reminded of the fact that the statistics we hear every day about homelessness are real people – not just numbers.

What did I learn from volunteering in college?

Through the volunteering I made as a priority and a cornerstone of my life in college, I learned how empowering it is to realize how much agency you have in your own life and how beautiful it is to share that with others in hopes of them discovering it themselves. I learned how giving human beings are, even when they don’t have much to give.

How can I support the horses in CT?

Join iGive and help support the horses every time you shop! Just choose H.O.R.S.E. of CT as your charity! If you’re already a member please refer a friend!! Take a look at the beautiful OMI Jewelry- Lise will generously donate 100% of the sales to H.O.R.S.E. of CT!!!

How can I help a horse rescued from a Kill Pen?

Rescued from a Texas Kill Pen she had a grueling 4 day trailer ride to get to us – but now she’s here, safe and sound. Now to get to work getting her back to her former, gorgeous self. Please consider making a donation towards her vet bills, feed and rehabilitation! Thank you! Join iGive and help support the horses every time you shop!