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What are the similarities of paraphrasing and summarizing?

What are the similarities of paraphrasing and summarizing?

Quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing are similar in that they allow a writer to incorporate another writer’s work into his or her own work. Paraphrasing usually means the section is shorter than the original passage because it is condensed. Summarizing is when the main ideas are put into your own words.

What is the difference between summarizing paraphrasing and plagiarizing?

Unlike quoting or paraphrasing, summarizing is something you can—and will—also do to the material you have written. Plagiarism is neither paraphrasing nor summarizing information from other works. PlagiarismRepresenting another’s work as your own. is representing another’s work as your own.

Can a summary be plagiarized?

Remember, when writing a summary you must tell the reader IN YOUR OWN WORDS what the article is about. Any time you use someone else’s words or ideas without giving them credit for those words and ideas you are plagiarizing, which is a serious offense.

Why is summarizing better than paraphrasing?

Summary moves much farther than paraphrase away from point-by-point translation. When you summarize a passage, you need first to absorb the meaning of the passage and then to capture in your own words the most important elements from the original passage. A summary is necessarily shorter than a paraphrase.