What are the side effects of rosuvastatin 10 mg?

What are the side effects of rosuvastatin 10 mg?

Common side effects of rosuvastatin calcium include:

  • headache,
  • muscle pain, abdominal.
  • pain,
  • weakness,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • hypersensitivity reactions (including rash, pruritus, hives, and swelling), and.
  • pancreatitis.

What is the difference between atorvastatin and rosuvastatin?

Rosuvastatin provided significantly greater LDL-C reductions than atorvastatin, both at the initial dose of 10 mg and also when titrated over the dose range of 10–40 mg for rosuvastatin and 10–80 mg for atorvastatin.

Is rosuvastatin a cholesterol?

Rosuvastatin belongs to a group of medicines called statins. It’s used to lower cholesterol if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol. It’s also taken to prevent heart and blood vessel disease, heart attacks and strokes.

What happens when you stop taking rosuvastatin?

You will not get any withdrawal symptoms. But stopping rosuvastatin may cause your cholesterol to rise. This increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes. If you want to stop taking your medicine, it’s important to find another way to lower your cholesterol.

How long should you take rosuvastatin?

Peak levels of rosuvastatin are seen within three to five hours of oral administration. However, it may take one to two weeks of regular dosing before improvements in your cholesterol level are seen, and up to four weeks before the maximal cholesterol-lowering effects of rosuvastatin are apparent.

Is rosuvastatin safe for kidneys?

Therefore, it is clear that rosuvastatin, and other statins, are very safe and useful agents and do not appear to present significant risks to hepatic or renal safety.

Is rosuvastatin a good statin?

Conclusion: Rosuvastatin was more effective than other statins in reducing LDL, triglyceride (except vs atorvastatin), and total cholesterol levels. Significantly more patients taking rosuvastatin than patients taking other statins attained their LDL goals.

Can you drink coffee with rosuvastatin?

We hypothesize that rosuvastatin increases tolerance against ischemia-reperfusion injury by induction of ecto-5′-nucleotidase and thereby increasing adenosine activity. This protective effect of rosuvastatin can be abrogated by using the adenosine receptor antagonist caffeine.

Does rosuvastatin cause sleep problems?

The top-selling statins are atorvastatin (Lipitor), lovastatin (Mevacor), rosuvastatin (Crestor) and simvastatin (Zocor). How they can cause insomnia: The most common side effect of all types of statins is muscle pain, which can keep people who take them awake at night and unable to rest.