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What are the parts of a citation?

What are the parts of a citation?

All APA citations contain four main components: author, date, title, and retrieval information.

How do I find an article number?

Volume and issue numbers: In peer-reviewed articles, usually listed right after the periodical title. Page numbers: The page range for the entire article is often listed right after the volume and issue numbers. If not, find the first page number, then scroll to the end of the article to find the last page number.

How do I find a DOI for an article?

Where can I find the DOI?In most recently published articles, the DOI will be printed with the article itself, usually on the first page somewhere, or in the header or footer.If the DOI isn’t on the article, look it up on the website (use the “Search Metadata” option).

How do I find the full doi of an article?

Answered By: Lynn VanLeer Last Updated: Views: 61945On the Library homepage click on Publications.Scroll down and click on the tab: By DOI.Enter the DOI number in the search box. Click the Search button.Find your article in the results list.