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What are the different type of molly fish?

What are the different type of molly fish?

The 14 Types of Molly Fish

  • Balloon Belly Molly.
  • Black Molly.
  • Black Sailfin Molly.
  • Black Lyretail Molly.
  • Creamsicle Sailfin Lyretail Molly.
  • Dalmation Molly.
  • Dalmation Lyretail Molly.
  • Gold Doubloon Molly.

Can you mix different types of mollies?

Albeit there being several varieties of molly fish, they all can be mated because regardless of the color or fin configuration, they are the same species, and any male will readily fertilize with all females. So, put simply, different colors and shapes of mollies are still the same fish and will readily breed.

What is 24K molly?

Mix breeding those three species of fish I mentioned early on produces another type of fish which we call 24k molly or also known as Cheetah. 24K Molly looks like this. In my experience, the life span of these molly will reach up to three to four years old.

Can mollies and balloon mollies breed?

Most Mollies you see in the stores are already hybrids of several different wild species. Yes, the distorted bodied ‘Balloon’ Mollies will be able to breed with most of the other Mollies, including Dalmations.

Are lyretail mollies sterile?

Lyretail in xiphophorines (members of the genus Xiphophorus containing platies, variatus, and swords) is a dominant gene. So, any fish inheriting a copy of the gene will grow a lyretail. Since the males are functionally sterile, the females must be mated to non-lyretail males.

Can mollies and guppies breed?

Potential cross breeding between guppies and mollies These adult fish are not fertile and will not reproduce. Sadly, most babies from the guppies and mollies will die before, during or shortly after they are born. Both guppies and mollies can carry sperm for a long time after reproducing.

What is lyretail Molly?

The Lyretail Molly has a beautiful ‘Lyre’ shaped tail They will also eat algae which they will find for themselves by constantly grazing on plants or other surfaces in the aquarium. Molly’s are livebearers, meaning that the female gives birth to fully formed, free swimming babies!

Can a balloon Molly mate with a regular Molly?

Yes, the distorted bodied ‘Balloon’ Mollies will be able to breed with most of the other Mollies, including Dalmations.

Can Platies and mollies breed?

Well, the answer is no! Mollies and Platies are not compatible for breeding. For crossbreeding, the two species must be closely related to each other. As Mollies belong to the family Poecilia and Platies belong to the Xiphophorus therefore, they cannot crossbreed.

How big do Creamsicle mollies get?

Maximum Size: In aquariums Mollys can grow to be about 5″ long, including their tails. Behaviors: Most Mollys are very active swimmers, and chase each other, but are rarely too aggressive. Female Mollys release live baby fish about once a month when kept in good water, and fed lots of premium food.

What is the smallest type of Molly or platy?

The common Molly or Poecilia sphenops are the smallest of the three breeds, and the males are noticeably slimmer than their plumber female companions. When bred in tanks, males reach 3 inches (8cm) and the females 4-5 inches (10-12cm).

Is Molly a tropical fish?

The Molly is a tropical fish that prefers some salt in their water. A teaspoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons of water will go a long way in helping them. You may also see them in saltwater tanks from time to time. There is a local reef store here that keeps black mollies in a regular saltwater tank with similar sized species.

Is this a molly or platy?

The easiest ways to tell a Molly apart from a Platy are the body shape, size, and color variations. Mollies tend to be longer and larger, with longer fins and snouts, whereas Platys are often stouter and more compact in their design. Additionally, Platys tend to have a much broader range of colors and patterns.

What is the size of a Molly fish?

These fish remain fairly small, growing to an average size around 3 to 4 inches and they are a very peaceful species which makes them a great addition to the community tank. Mollies are a freshwater fish commonly known as the Molly.