What are the by laws for refuse removal?

What are the by laws for refuse removal?

(1) The provisions of this by-law do not derogate from the provisions of any other legislation which provides for the removal or disposal of specific types of refuse or waste as defined in that legislation. (2) This by-law binds any organ of state.

How to file a motion in Superior Court?

Motions should be made in writing; state grounds with specificity; cite legal authority; request specific relief; be signed and filed with clerk; and be served on the opposing party, with a signed certificate of service attached. Some motions have special timing rules or require an affidavit in support.

When to file a motion to modify a child custody order?

In the meantime, if your child is in urgent danger, you should call the police. Then, you can work with your attorney and file a motion to modify your custody agreement and protect your child. At Myers Law Firm, we know how important family is. That’s why we fight to protect families just like yours.

Can a judge render default judgment against a disobedient party?

In fact, in the most egregious cases, judges are permitted to render default judgment against a disobedient party or dismiss the entirety of an action, bringing an end to proceedings. In 2015, amendments to Rule 34 came into effect that require a party objecting to an interrogatory to provide specific reasons for the objection.

What does it mean to oppose motion to modify custody?

Opposition to Motion to Modify Custody, Visitation, and Child Support: This opposition may be used by parents who want to respond to the other parent’s request to change the custody or visitation schedule and/or child support.

How to file a motion to modify a court order?

It is up to the person asking for the change to prove the legal standard before the judge can change the court order. For a description of common issues raised in motions to modify orders, and the legal standards to change them, please visit File a Motion to Go Back to Court.

Can a court refuse to schedule a hearing on a motion?

The court shall deny the relief sought and decline to schedule a hearing on the motion unless the court determines, on the basis of the affidavit, that facts adequate to support the allegation are stated in the affidavit.

Can a frivolous suit for modification be filed?

FRIVOLOUS FILING OF SUIT FOR MODIFICATION. Notwithstanding Rules 296 through 299, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, if the court finds that a suit for modification is filed frivolously or is designed to harass a party, the court shall state that finding in the order and assess attorney’s fees as costs against the offending party.