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What are the benefits of Flor Essence?

What are the benefits of Flor Essence?

Essiac and Flor Essence are said to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. [1,4,6,8,10] Proponents of Essiac further claim that it helps relieve pain, reduce side effects, improves overall quality of life, may reduce tumor size, and may prolong the survival of patients with various types of cancer.

How long does it take essiac tea to work?

Some people notice an increased sense of health, well-being and energy just days after starting essiac tea. It takes others weeks or even months to notice a tangible benefit. But, for most people, an improvement in general health and well-being is experienced after one to two weeks if taking essiac tea regularly.

How long should you take Flor Essence?

It is best to take Flor•Essence at least 30 minutes before eating, or at bedtime….> For serious conditions: 120ml can be taken up to 4 times daily.

Brand Flora FMD
Ingredients Red Clover and Burdock Root; Blessed Thistle and Turkish Rhubarb; Slippery Elm; Kelp; Sheep Sorrel ; Watercress

What are the ingredients in Flor Essence?

Flor Essence is reported to contain the same 4 herbs found in Essiac plus these 4 other herbs: Watercress. Blessed thistle. Red clover….What are Essiac and Flor Essence?

  • Burdock root.
  • Indian rhubarb root.
  • Sheep sorrel.
  • Slippery elm (the inner bark).

Does Essiac tea expire?

Keep them in a relatively cool, dark place in your home away from direct heat and sunlight. No need to use the refrigerator as it’s better to have the product stored room temperature. Unopened packets of herbs stay fresh for up to two years from date of purchase.

How long does Essiac tea last in the refrigerator?

Directions for Drinking Essiac Tea per day, one gallon (128 oz.) would theoretically last about two months. However, the tea would spoil in the refrigerator before two months are up. It is therefore better to make the tea in ½ gallon batches which should last about one month.

How do you drink Flor Essence?

It is best to take Flor•Essence at least 30 minutes before eating, or at bedtime. Dilute the liquid with an equal amount of filtered hot water and sip slowly. Consume at least 2 litres of non chlorinated or fluoridated water daily (this includes herbal teas) to help flush out the toxins released by Flor•Essence.

How does Flora floressence help you Detox Your Body?

DETOX & CLEANSE AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL: Flora FlorEssence is a natural way to detox & cleanse your body at the cellular level of the toxins built up from everyday life. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: FlorEssence is gentle enough for everyday use while still being robust enough to get the desired results.

How does Flor Essence help with breast cancer?

Two laboratory studies reported that Flor Essence made tumor cells grow. Another laboratory study reported that high doses of both Flor Essence and Essiac herbal teas reduced the growth of cancer cells. A 2004 animal study of Flor Essence found that it increased breast tumor growth in rats.

Is it true that Essiac and Flor Essence cure cancer?

Today, Essiac and Flor Essence may be sold as herbal supplements as long as they do not claim to treat or cure cancer. In 1922, a breast cancer patient gave the Essiac formula to the nurse and said it had cured her disease.

Are there any clinical studies of Flor Essence?

No results of clinical studies (research studies with people) of Flor Essence have been reported. In addition, no reports of clinical trials of Essiac have been reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Brief descriptions of one incomplete clinical trial and one review of reports on cancer patients who took Essiac have been published, however.