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What are Subpoints in a speech?

What are Subpoints in a speech?

(SUB-SUBPOINT) This is where the specific examples from your research are included to support your main points. You can use quotes, examples, stories, facts, statistics, analogies, etc…. Be sure to cite all sources.

How do you summarize a main point in a speech?

Key Points A summary should concisely revisit what you’ve just been speaking about in a way that is accessible for your audience. Summaries should be lean, only including the most crucial information and ideas. Your conclusion should be an overview of your speech.

What is the difference between a working and a speaking outline?

Working outlines help you with speech logic, development, and planning. The full-sentence outline develops the full detail of the message. The speaking outline helps you stay organized in front of the audience without reading to them.

How many main points should a speech have?

1. Most speeches should have two to four main points.

What are three tips for preparing your main points?

Get the attention and interest of your audience. Reveal the topic of your speech. Establish your credibility and goodwill. Preview the body of the speech 2.