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What are context maps?

What are context maps?

“Context mapping is a procedure for conducting contextual research with users, where tacit knowledge is gained about the context of use of products. As we see it, Context mapping is a technique to gain deep insights in the underlying motivations of consumers in a certain product or service category..

What is a context map in architecture?

Context Map is a revolutionary new tool for Architects and Urban Planners to jumpstart their project work with a suite of geospatial 3D CAD data – providing all real world information about a new site location directly into your favourite design platform.

What is a domain context?

Domain Context module is an integration module for the Domain Access module and the Context module. The Domain Access module allows administrators to set specific settings for each of their domains that are using the same code base.

What is context map in DDD?

Context Maps describe the contact between bounded contexts and teams with a collection of patterns. Context Maps can be used to analyze existing systems or application landscapes but they are also suitable for upfront design considerations. …

What is a domain in domain driven design?

The domain is the world of the business you are working with and the problems they want to solve. This will typically involve rules, processes and existing systems that need to be integrated as part of your solution. The domain is the ideas, knowledge and data of the problem you are trying to solve.

What is the purpose of a context map?

Context mapping is a technique that falls in the category of generative techniques, allowing us as designers to get to a deeper understanding of what users know, feel and dream. In generative techniques, users actively participate in generating ideas that can serve as a starting point for the design process.

What is a domain in Domain-Driven Design?

Why do we need Domain-Driven Design?

The purpose of DDD is to: Provide principles & patterns to solve difficult problems. Base complex designs on a model of the domain. Initiate a creative collaboration between technical and domain experts to iteratively refine a conceptual model that addresses domain problems.

What is domain-driven design example?

An aggregate is a domain-driven design pattern. It’s a cluster of domain objects (e.g. entity, value object), treated as one single unit. A car is a good example. It consists of wheels, lights and an engine.

What is context mapping in Microservices?

With Context Mapping, you identify the various contexts in the application and their boundaries. It’s common to have a different context and boundary for each small subsystem, for instance. The Context Map is a way to define and make explicit those boundaries between domains.

What is Domain-Driven Design example?

Why is Domain-Driven Design important?