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What airport do you fly into for Uluru?

What airport do you fly into for Uluru?

Ayers Rock/Connellan Airport
Yulara has its own airport, called Ayers Rock/Connellan Airport (airport code AYQ). You can fly directly to Yulara from a number of Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Alice Springs. Approximate flight times are: Alice Springs–Yulara: 45 minutes.

Is Uluru airport the same as Alice Springs?

Ayers Rock (Uluru) Airport is located 6km (3.5 miles) from Ayers Rock Resort, in the Northern Territory, central Australia. The nearest large town, Alice Springs is 450 km away.

Can you fly direct to Uluru?

Travellers can fly direct to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs from Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Indirect flights are available from Cairns, Canberra and Hobart via one of the aforementioned cities.

Can you fly from Alice Springs to Uluru?

Airlines offering Ayers Rock flights from Alice Springs You’ll find one major airline travelling to Ayers Rock from Alice Springs, and that is Qantas. There are a number of flight tickets available each week, and the trip is a direct one.

What size plane flies to Uluru?

The runway at Ayers Rock Airport is 2,599 m × 30 m (8,527 ft × 98 ft). It has a simple, single stage lighting system and T-VASIS. The largest aircraft that Ayers Rock Airport caters for used to be Boeing 737-800s operated by Qantas and previously Virgin Australia.

Can you fly from Perth to Uluru?

It’s all easy. You can book direct flights from Perth to Ayers Rock that take around hours,too.

Is Ayers Rock airport open?

Following extensive consultations with the Mutitjulu community, the Northern Territory Government and Tourism Northern Territory, Ayers Rock (Connellan) Airport has reopened to commercial flights with the resumption of Jetstar services from Brisbane.

Can you fly from Broome to Uluru?

There is no direct flight from Broome Airport to Ayers Rock Airport. Yes, the driving distance between Broome to Uluru is 3200 km.

Can you fly from Melbourne to Uluru?

It’s all easy. You can book direct flights from Melbourne to Ayers Rock that take around hours,too.

Who flies direct to Ayers Rock?

Qantas operates daily flights to Ayers Rock Airport from Sydney and Melbourne via Alice Springs, a daily direct flight from Cairns, as well as twice weekly direct flights from Darwin and Adelaide. All three airlines offer connecting flights from most capital cities to Ayers Rock Airport.

How long is the flight from Brisbane to Uluru?

around three hours
Direct flights between Brisbane and Uluru only take around three hours.

How long is the flight from Perth to Uluru?

Perth to Yulara Information

Traveling From Perth
Destination Airport Yulara
Destination Airport IATA Code AYQ
Number of Airlines Serving 1
Average Flight Time 6 hours 0 mins