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Overview of the VPS service for automated forex robots “Forex-Box”

ForexBox is a modern resource where you can place vending machines to ensure their smooth operation. This option will be much more efficient than a traditional remote server – it has a very large margin of performance, high reliability and the possibility of long-term uninterrupted operation.


Benefits of using ForexBox

It is very important for every trader that the trading terminal works efficiently and for as long as possible. But physically spending around the clock at the computer – very hard. ForexBox is designed to free traders from routine work and various force majeure:

  • ensures round-the-clock safe operation of each installed terminal;
  • works strictly within the allotted functionality, avoiding the influence of the human factor;
  • server security has already been taken care of – there is no need to spend money on additional programs to protect terminals from hacking;
  • the physical server is also reliably protected from the influence of such factors as power outages, power surges, and others;
  • the server has constant high speed Internet access, without failures and drops, while traffic is unlimited.

ForexBox also takes care of administration and configuration of all necessary programs, leaving users only with the need to download trading terminals and control their activities.

This is convenient and profitable, because the trader has a lot of time freed up for more important things.

ForexBox is easy and comfortable

Another important advantage of the server is its simplicity – here all the settings are ready. In just a few clicks, you will have to download the required number of trading terminals to the server, and then they will continue to work automatically, in accordance with a predetermined algorithm. At the same time, the trader is left with a choice – to simply observe the application of the specified procedures or, if necessary, intervene in the process, making adjustments.


The server is designed primarily to work with the most popular vending machines, primarily MT4 and MT5, of any broker. With such equipment, its connection takes only a few minutes. However, users of other systems can also use ForexBox services – for a correct connection, you need to contact the support service, which is available around the clock and will always help all users with pleasure. You can pay for ForexBox services by various methods, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the payment methods on the official website of the company.

Why choose ForexBox

In addition to being convenient and reliable, all server users note the very high confidentiality of all processes. All personal data received by the server during the operation of trading terminals is reliably protected from unauthorized access by third parties. Protection programs are constantly updated.