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Is XANE good shadow dragon?

Is XANE good shadow dragon?

His overall bulk is good, given that he has a 47 HP stat and 25 Def and 30 Res. Few can find any good sides to him on face value alone, but like his role in Shadow Dragon, Xane is incredibly deceptive in nature.

How do you recruit units in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon?

Chapter Two

  1. Ogma: You start with Ogma automatically joining your team.
  2. Barst, Bord, and Cord: Of the three axe-users that join your army at the start of Chapter Two, Barst is the best.
  3. Castor: You can recruit Castor by having Caeda talk to him.
  4. Darros: Talk to Darros using Marth and he will join you.

Can you recruit Navarre in Shadow Dragon?

Navarre is a Myrmidon that can be recruited in chapter 3. He first appears around the top right corner of the map and he is chasing Lena and Julian. He can only be recruited by Caeda who talks to him.

Can you recruit Camus in Shadow Dragon?

Make sure you have a healer in your party as well as several strong characters, Marth, and any character you have that is good against Paladins. Go up to Lorenz and talk to him with Marth and you will recruit him. Camus will then go after Marth and attack him.

Is XANE a Manakete?

Not to be confused with Zane, a boss in Genealogy of the Holy War. Xane (Japanese: チェイニー Cheine) is an Archanean Manakete and the only character in the Fire Emblem series of the Freelancer class.

How do you recruit Samson in Fire Emblem?

Role. Samson lives in a village near the Altean castle near another village which has bad blood with Samson’s village. When Marth’s army arrives to retake Altea, he has to choose between visiting Samson’s village and recruiting him, or visiting the other village and recruiting the paladin Arran.

Can you recruit Tiki Shadow Dragon?

Tiki is a Manekete that is the boss of chapter 19. She is an ally that will come in handy going up against other Maneketes because her weapon the Divinestone is super effective against them. You must have Bantu alive in order to recruit her as she is under the spell of Gharnef and Bantu frees her from it.

Can I recruit Michalis?

Recruitment. Chapter 21: Minerva must Wait on the Village in the Chapter before the end of turn 15. Then Visit the Village with Marth. Michalis will then join from the Battle Preparations in Chapter 22.

Is Minerva recruitable?

Minerva actually makes her first appearance in Chapter 8 as an enemy but retreats after awhile not actually attacking your characters unless you attack her. She is recruitable in chapter 10 only after you rescue her sister from enemy forces which was her reason for joining with them in the first place.

How do I recruit Rickards?

Rickard is the final thief you can recruit in the game in chapter 6 either by talking to him with Julian or Marth. If you talk to him with Julian it reveals that the two of them have worked together before and that Rickard joins your army on Julian’s orders who claims to have joined to serve the forces of justice.

How do you recruit Minerva in Shadow Dragon?

How do you recruit Michalis in Fire Emblem?

In order to recruit Michalis, you must have Minerva recruited and alive. Have Minerva “visit” the village by waiting on it before the end of round 15. This will trigger a conversation between Michalis and Minerva. Afterwards, visit the village with Marth, and Michalis will join by the battle preparations in Chapter 22.