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Is there any law in the US that says I am legally required to answer my door?

Is there any law in the US that says I am legally required to answer my door?

You have a right to say no or not say anything if the police ask to come inside of your home or ask to search your home without a search warrant. You are under no obligation to speak to the police or open the door. It is not a crime to keep the door closed.

Do you have the right to talk to a lawyer?

You have the constitutional right to talk to a lawyer before answering questions, whether or not the police tell you about that right. The lawyer’s job is to protect your rights. Once you say that you want to talk to a lawyer, officers should stop asking you questions. If they continue to ask questions, you still have the right to remain silent.

Can you call a lawyer on Justia ask a lawyer?

Call a lawyer. It can be looked up. Justia Ask a Lawyer is a forum for consumers to get answers to basic legal questions. Any information sent through Justia Ask a Lawyer is not secure and is done so on a non-confidential basis only.

Is there any way to ask a lawyer a question?

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Do you have to give your name to ask a lawyer?

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What happens if you speak with a lawyer?

Many people worry that speaking with a lawyer will make the police think they are guilty, or make it look like they have something to hide. It is important to remember that, if you are charged with an offence, the prosecutor cannot argue that it is more likely you are guilty because you spoke with a lawyer.

Is it okay to talk to the police without a lawyer?

After speaking with the lawyer, the police can continue to ask you anything they want without the presence of a lawyer. The general rule of thumb is to refrain from speaking with the police. The three situations below underscore your right to remain silent.

What to do if you don’t have a lawyer?

If you do not have a lawyer, you may still tell the officer you want to speak to one before answering questions. If you do have a lawyer, keep his or her business card with you. Show it to the officer, and ask to call your lawyer.

What’s the best way to ask a lawyer a question?

Get notified when a lawyer responds—usually within 12 hours. Ask follow-up questions—make sure you understand your options. Provide key details, but don’t feel like you have to tell the whole story. Ask a concise question—be brief and to the point.