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Is there a No Return Policy at Menards?

Is there a No Return Policy at Menards?

Because so many Menards sales events involve turning in receipts for rebates, they have a strict policy: No returns without a receipt. This makes sense to prevent people from returning an item and still capturing an 11 rebate rebate.

What happens if you miss a Menards rebate?

If you miss the deadline, you technically will not get the rebate. (Some shoppers have reported success mailing in late receipts, but it’s not guaranteed.) One work-around that store employees would prefer you didn’t know about: Repurchase the item during the next sale, then immediately return it using the old receipt.

What happens if you return a shrub at Menards?

Menards® guarantees all perennials, trees, and shrubs for 1 year from date of purchase. If you are not satisfied with your perennial, tree, or shrub, simply return the item with your receipt, and we will gladly exchange or issue in-store credit for your purchase price.

Can you take a Menards AD to another store?

So rather than going through the hassle of mailing in a rebate and getting a voucher for store use later on, you can simply take a Menards ad to another home improvement store and they will give you 11 percent off the Menards price. No rebates required. (Note: This policy often does not apply in regions where there are no Menards stores .)

Do you know the return policy for Menards?

Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: “Don’t buy anything from this store if their not willing to tell you the return policy”, “Decide for yourself.

Who is the plaintiff in the Menards rebate lawsuit?

Plaintiff Amy Childers says she visited the Menards website to purchase fence panels during an advertised “11% Off Everything” promotion. After she completed her purchase, she allegedly downloaded the rebate coupon that corresponded to her purchase from the Menards’ Rebate Center online.

Why did Menards create the mail in rebate program?

The plaintiff says Menards created the mail-in rebate program to “reduce the issuance and redemption of rebates.” Also, the Menards class action notes that Menards intentionally and systematically fails to pay the 11 percent rebate to those who have followed the correct process of attempting to obtain the rebate.

How did Menards breach its contract with Childers?

In addition, she says she didn’t see any language informing her that her purchase was not eligible for the rebate at any time during her purchase. “Menards breached its contract with Childers by failing to send the rebate checks to Childers at all, or by failing to send the full amount promised,” the Menards class action lawsuit states.