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Is there a community cat Center in Rhode Island?

Is there a community cat Center in Rhode Island?

The Community Cat Center is Rhode Island’s only TNR facility for community cats. Community cats who arrive for spay/neuter are evaluated for general health, needs and level of friendliness. Kittens and friendly cats are prepared for adoptions, then placed in forever homes.

How does the Humane Society care for cats?

The shelter will transport your cat to the clinic where it is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and the left ear is “tipped” for identification. After overnight recovery from surgery, the cat will be returned to where it was trapped and released so it can continue to live as a community cat.

How can I take care of my community cat?

These kittens and cats are fostered and socialized, and can be adopted in to loving forever homes. If you’re feeding cats you see outdoors, you obviously care about them. The HSUS has created resources to help you provide the best care possible to community (feral and stray) cats.

How can I donate to OC community cats?

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to OC Community Cats. Support us every time you shop. We rely on donations to provide food for over 350 community cats on a daily basis. Donations are also needed for medical care and supplies.

How does Animal Services Community Cat program work?

Cats in the Stanislaus Community Cat Program receive spay or neuter surgery, left ear tip*, vaccines, wellness exam, and food during their stay. Humane trapping of stray and feral cats, followed by spaying or neutering, vaccination and return of the cats to their home area. Overtime, their numbers are reduced.

How are cats at community cat, inc.treated?

Each cat or kitten is spayed/neutered, FIV/FeLV tested and has all age-approriate vaccines. Frequently our cats will have additional veterinary care including dental surgeries, amputations, enucleations, hospitalization bills, etc.

How to adopt a cat from community cat?

Potential adopters must… Community Cat reserves the right to perform additional steps to ensure a good match between a cat and any potential adopter, including calling veterinary references, confirming pet policies with landlords, house visits/interviews, etc. At all times, Community Cat has the right to accept or deny any adoption application.

Where is community cat in Whitewater WI located?

Community Cat is a nonprofit cat rescue and advocacy group based in Whitewater, Wisconsin. No cat left behind! We focus on cats who are at high risk of euthanasia elsewhere and are considered less adoptable: seniors, disabled, hospice, and special needs.