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Is the Conrad press a vanity publisher?

Is the Conrad press a vanity publisher?

But The Conrad Press is not a vanity publisher. The hybrid publisher must manage the rights of the works they publish as well as any subsequent rights that are acquired, and work for find additional rights to sell for their authors. Manage distribution services or hire a distributor for the works.

How do scammer get your information?

Hacking – the scammer gains access to your information by exploiting security weaknesses on your computer, mobile device or network. Scammers can also obtain your information when they hack into business or government accounts. You may not even be aware that some of your information has made its way to scammers.

Are Pegasus Publishers any good?

They produced a very good, well-edited book and a very good promotional video. Pegasus are really a vanity publisher and do very little, if anything, to promote your work after release.

What is subsidy publishing?

Subsidy publishing means that the companies themselves (like Lulu or CreateSpace or Author Solutions companies) publish and distribute books under their own imprint. With subsidy publishing, you are generally paying for a package. You can use your ISBN, but you don’t have to.

What to do if you get scammed by Publishers Clearing House?

PCH works closely with legal authorities to help stop scams that claim to come from Publishers Clearing House, and reporting the scam to them helps them take more effective action. Obviously, you don’t want to report legitimate prize wins.

How to report a sweepstakes fraud in Canada?

Phonebusters actively investigates sweepstakes fraud and is a good source of information about current scams taking place in Canada and how to keep yourself from becoming a victim of one of them. Filing a report at your local police station can be helpful if you have lost money or are a victim of ID theft. Darrin Klimek / Getty Images

How to report a sweepstakes or identity theft?

You can report any fraud, whether you’ve lost money or not, either online or by telephone. You can also find more information about protecting yourself from fraud, important steps to take after you’ve been targeted, and more. Contact PCH directly to report sweepstakes scams that abuse their name.

Do you reply to unsolicited publishing emails?

If you are asked to submit your manuscript by someone you don’t know, especially by unsolicited email, DO NOT reply. Your red flags should be flying because it’s 99.9999% sure to be a publishing scam. If you are approached out of the blue by a publisher you don’t know who wants to publish your book, be careful.