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Is Skoda Rapid a sports car?

Is Skoda Rapid a sports car?

The Skoda Rapid Sport is packed with standard kit, but it still remains uninspiring to drive and look at. Even though the Rapid is the budget-focused workhorse of the Skoda range, the brand has tried to inject a bit of desirability, with the addition of a Sport model.

Is Skoda Rapid TSI worth buying?

For a Rs 1.5 lakh premium, buyers can spec the Rapid with a 6-speed torque convertor automatic gearbox. Whether you’re looking for a smooth and leisurely city drive or a spirited highway sprint, this transmission ticks both boxes and is worth the extra you pay for the manual.

Is Skoda Rapid a reliable car?

Skoda Rapid review – Reliability and Safety Along with extremely well-rated running costs, where it was ranked 6th, such feedback gave the Rapid a strong 25th place in the overall survey. As the Rapid uses technology from elsewhere in the VW Group, we would expect it to be extremely reliable.

Is Skoda Rapid expensive to maintain?

Skoda Rapid Maintenance Cost The estimated maintenance cost of Skoda Rapid for 5 years is Rs 35,128. The first service after 10000 km is free of cost.

Is Skoda Rapid good for long drives?

Even at high speeds, the ride stays flat. Although, the handling gets affected (more on that later), if you are going to be chauffeur driven, the Rapid MPI is the car to go for. Even the diesel (although somewhat on the stiffer side) is a comfortable mile muncher.

Which is better rapid or Verna?

Verna provides the mileage of 17.7 kmpl and Rapid provides the mileage of 15.41 kmpl….Verna vs Rapid Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Verna Rapid
Price ₹ 9.28 Lakh ₹ 6.99 Lakh
Engine Capacity 1497 cc 1598 cc
Power 113 bhp 104 bhp
Transmission Manual Manual

What does Skoda mean in English?

Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian (Škoda): from škoda ‘damage’, ‘loss’; apparently a nickname denoting someone who was accident-prone or a bungler.