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Is rosuvastatin more expensive than atorvastatin?

Is rosuvastatin more expensive than atorvastatin?

Conclusions: Rosuvastatin has the same acquisition costs as and is more efficacious than atorvastatin in lowering LDL-C and treating patients to target LDL-C levels.

Is rosuvastatin cheaper than simvastatin?

Simvastatin costs less than Crestor. Simvastatin is a generic drug, and Crestor is a brand-name drug. Crestor is available as a generic drug, but the generic version is still more expensive than simvastatin. Both drugs are available in a range of doses in most pharmacies.

Is rosuvastatin better than other statins?

Conclusion: Rosuvastatin was more effective than other statins in reducing LDL, triglyceride (except vs atorvastatin), and total cholesterol levels. Significantly more patients taking rosuvastatin than patients taking other statins attained their LDL goals.

How much will generic Crestor cost?

How much will generic Crestor cost? When a generic version of a brand-name drug is first released, prices typically start at about 85% of the brand-name drug price. With Crestor cash prices at $250 – $300, generic rosuvastatin may start at around $200 – $250.

Which is the cheapest statin?

The most expensive statin per 30 tablets was atorvastatin with a mean price of $21.48, and the least expensive statin was simvastatin with a mean price of $5.89.

Which is the most expensive statin?

The most expensive statin per 30 tablets was atorvastatin with a mean price of $21.48, and the least expensive statin was simvastatin with a mean price of $5.89.

Is 10 mg of rosuvastatin enough?

Conclusion. In conclusion, at recommended starting doses, rosuvastatin (10 mg) was more efficacious than atorvastatin (20 mg), in terms of LDL-C lowering, LDL-C goal achievement, and improving the atherogenic lipid profile.

Is 10 mg of rosuvastatin a lot?

How much you take depends on what you’re taking rosuvastatin for: preventing heart attacks and strokes – the usual dose for adults is 20mg once a day. Sometimes a lower dose may be prescribed. high cholesterol – the usual starting dose for adults and children is 5mg to 10mg once a day.

Which is better Lipitor or rosuvastatin?

The study concluded that Crestor lowered LDL cholesterol by 8.2% more than Lipitor, and Crestor lowered total cholesterol significantly more than all the other statins studied. Crestor also increased HDL cholesterol (the good kind of cholesterol) more than Lipitor did.

How much does a 90 day supply of Crestor cost?

The cost for Crestor oral tablet 10 mg is around $338 for a supply of 30 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit. Prices are for cash paying customers only and are not valid with insurance plans….Oral Tablet.

Quantity Per unit Price
90 $9.73 $875.65

How much is the annual cost of rosuvastatin?

When rosuvastatin was compared with generic simvastatin and pravastatin, the annual costs for 1 additional patient achieving the LDL-C goal were $144.51 and $373.91, respectively.

Which is better pravastatin 20 mg or rosuvastatin 10 mg?

Rosuvastatin 10 mg was dominant (ie, was more effective at a lower cost) relative to atorvastatin 10 and 20 mg, simvastatin 20 and 40 mg, and pravastatin 40 mg in terms of reductions in LDL-C, TC/ HDL-C ratio, TC, ApoB, and ApoB/ApoA-I ratio, increases in HDL-C, and attainment of the LDL-C goal.

Which is the most effective statin for diabetic patients?

Rosuvastatin 10 mg was the most effective statin in reducing serum lipids and total cholesterol in dyslipidemic diabetic patients. KEY WORDS: Atorvastatin, cost effective, dyslipidemic diabetic patients, efficacy, pravastatin, rosuvastatin, safety of statin use in dyslipidemic diabetic patients, safety, simvastatin Go to: Introduction

Which is the safest statin for muscular function?

All statins were safe with respect to muscular and hepatic functions. Atorvastatin was the safest statin as it resulted in the least number of patients with microalbuminuria (10.92%) as compared to other statins.