Is Mount Olympus in Wisconsin Dells open?

Is Mount Olympus in Wisconsin Dells open?

Olympus Is Now Open! Mt. Olympus is located along the Wisconsin Dells Parkway.

Is Mount Olympus closing?

The official opening and closing dates for Mount Olympus, New Zealand for current and past seasons….Opening and Closing Dates. Mount OlympusClosed.

Season Opening Closing
20/21 Aug 02 2020 (estimated) Oct 05 2020 (estimated)
19/20 Aug 01 2019 Oct 05 2019

Is Mt Olympus rides open?

Hades 360
Zeus RollercoasterCyclops RollercoasterPegasus
Mt. Olympus/Rides

Is breakfast included at Mount Olympus?

Mt. Olympus Resorts does have breakfast included. How ever we do have a coffee shop in our main lobby that offers Starbucks coffees, breakfast sandwiches, cereals, pastries and fruits that any of our guest can purchase, sit down and enjoy.

Does Mt Olympus have a restaurant?

Olympus Water Park & Theme Park Resort and we look forward to serving you and your family in the near future. Restaurant Guides: We have some menus and an area restaurant guide available at the front desk of Hotel Rome.

Is Mt Olympus for adults?

You must be 18 years or older to stay overnight at Mt. Olympus Resort unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

What rides are open at Mt Olympus Wisconsin Dells?

Can you bring food into Mount Olympus?

We do not allow guest to bring outside food or beverage into the Mt. Olympus Theme Park and Water Park.

Does Mt Olympus have a lazy river?

Packed with water slides, a lazy river and pools for all ages, Mt. Olympus’ Indoor Water Park keeps the fun going. Plus, add an Indoor Theme Park with indoor dry rides including free indoor go-kart riding and your family has the perfect recipe for a getaway weekend of fun.

Does Mt Olympus have Starbucks?

All Coffee Shops ~ 50% off Food and Coffee Beverages are included. Stop by and pay us a Visit, We Proudly Brew Starbucks!

Does Mt Olympus have smoking rooms?

No Smoking Olympus is a 100% smoke-free environment.

What to do at Mt Olympus in Wisconsin?

This year, Mt. Olympus’ coasters aren’t the only things making park guests scream! Your little ghouls and boys will be screaming with delight as they trick-or-treat around Mt. Olympus Park with free family friendly hands-on activities, photo-ops, and of course …lots of candy!

Where are the hotel rooms at Mt Olympus?

Mt. Olympus Resort Rooms are located in one of our stand-alone buildings on the famous Wisconsin Dells Strip. Enjoy a unique outdoor adventure with one of our Mt. Olympus Camp Resort options: tent sites or cabins! MT. OLYMPUS RESORT ROOMS

How many days at Mt Olympus Theme Park?

Create family memories on your Wisconsin Dells Vacation when you visit America’s Largest Theme Park & Water Park Resort! Mt. Olympus is divided into four different parks, each offering their own thrills and excitement. Get 2 days at our Water and Theme Parks with an Overnight Stay!

How big is the pool at Mt Olympus?

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park features The Great Pool of Delphi, a $4 million water park expansion featuring: 27,000 sq. ft. of swimming area, 60,000 total sq. ft. of deck and pool area, 4 islands, 2 beach entrances, cabanas, 100-foot geyser, kids splash pad, an outdoor lounge pool, and a 50-foot high waterfall.