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Is it OK to let someone drive your car?

Is it OK to let someone drive your car?

Don’t let just anyone drive your car. Make sure they are a trustworthy driver and have a good driving record. Remember, all of this being said, different insurance companies may have different limitations, so it’s best to check-in with your insurance agent before letting someone else drive your car.

Can you lend a car to a friend?

Someone with permissive use: If you loaned out your car to a friend or neighbor, your ERIE policy generally will cover them – as long as you gave your permission. If they are a regular and repeated user of the car, they should also have coverage. The only exception is if a driver has been specifically excluded on your policy.

Who is liable if someone drives your car without permission?

If the accident had occurred on the weekend, when Dan, without permission, drove the delivery truck to Vegas for a weekend of gambling and drinking, ABC Company would not be liable for Dan’s actions. In some states, car owners are legally responsible for negligent driving by anyone using the owner’s car with the owner’s permission.

Can a person Drive my Car with my consent?

“Generally, it’s not a problem if they’re driving with your consent,” says Jeanne Salvatore, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and consumer spokesperson for the Insurance Information Institute.

Is it illegal to let someone drive your rental car?

Incorrect, the other driver would be driving a vehicle illegally, under an invalid contract, their (or your) insurance company will offer ZERO protection. Both people would be screwed (renter and person driving illegally).

Can a spouse drive a rental car in California?

A spouse is automatically authorized for #1 Club members. A spouse is free to add for AAA but is NOT automatic and I believe that is also the case for California. Authorized Operator: A person who is automatically qualified to drive the rental without needing to present themselves to Hertz.

Can a family member drive your rental car?

Some contracts automatically allow family members (above 25 y/o) or business colleagues. You will need to read the contract fine print. ahhhhh…the Herz “Black List” does exsist that is a fact.

Can you rent an apartment and let someone else live there?

You can have someone live there in your stead as a co-signer or a sub-letter. You can also co-sign for an apartment with a child over the age of eighteen and pay for an apartment that your parent lives in by themselves. Can I Rent an Apartment and Let Someone Else Live There?