Is it OK to drink after a car accident?

Is it OK to drink after a car accident?

Both of California’s DUI laws, 23152(b), only criminalize being impaired while driving. It is not illegal to be impaired in your home, in a parked car, or even (for the purposes of DUI) on the side of the road. Drinking after you stop the car is not a DUI. Officers cannot tell when you started drinking.

What happens if you get in a wreck while drunk?

If you cause an accident while drunk, you may seriously or even fatally wound another person. Not only will you have a significant blot on your record and face legal penalties that can affect the rest of your life, but you will have to live with the guilt of harming or killing someone else.

Is it okay to drink water after accident?

Your Body Needs Fluids After an Accident Drinking at least six cups of water each day for a week after your accident is essential. Putting these extra fluids in your body can help to reduce inflammation. You need to also put more vitamin C in your diet after an accident.

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Is it true that I got drunk and cheated on my husband?

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