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Is it exciting to move to Los Angeles?

Is it exciting to move to Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is many things to many different people. Depending on your experience, it can be the City of Angels, La La Land or Lost Angeles. Moving to LA (locals rarely bother to actually say ‘Los Angeles’) can be exciting, overwhelming and daunting all at the same time. It’s no urban myth that relocation to LA spikes after January 1.

How long is the commute to work in Los Angeles?

Consider your commute to work or school. Another important factor to consider in LA is your commute to work or school. If you live in Downtown LA and work in Santa Monica, you can expect a 75-minute commute or longer each way. Geographically, the two locales are a mere 15 miles apart.

Is the Los Angeles Times a news source?

The L.A. Times is a leading source of breaking news, entertainment, sports, politics, and more for Southern California and the world.

What’s the minimum wage in Los Angeles County?

In Los Angeles County, the minimum wage is currently $12.00/hour for employers with less than 26 employees and $13.25 for companies with more than 26 staff members. Each year on July 1, the minimum wage will increase incrementally until it reaches $15 an hour, regardless of the number of employees, in 2021.

How is the CARES Act helping Los Angeles County?

Click to Learn More LA County CARES: Supporting residents and communities in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic Los Angeles County is using CARES Act funding to support the health and well-being of its residents and communities through a wide range of programs. Click here to explore how the funding is being spent.

How are people helping in Los Angeles County?

Click to Learn More L.A. County mobilizes to feed the most vulnerable Public agencies, nonprofits and volunteers are providing meals to anyone in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. This portal connects those in need to those who can help.

How many people work part time in Los Angeles?

Lots of residents combine a day job (full time or part time) with some freelance work or creative pursuits. A 2015 UCLA report found that 57% of Angelenos between 18 and 29 are working low-wage jobs. A quarter of Los Angeles workers are in this age group. It’s no surprise, then, that lots of people have to double up on jobs or take on side gigs.

What kind of jobs are available in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles also has a sizable tech workforce, so if you’re thinking of working in LA and want to stay in tech – or break into tech – don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities. Many people move to Los Angeles in pursuit of a dream, whether that’s to be a world-famous actor or just to make ends meet and support a family.