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Is DecoWood expensive?

Is DecoWood expensive?

Is DecoWood expensive? DecoWood is a premium product and therefore often has a higher upfront cost than timber and standard powder coating. However, there are significant long-term savings made with DecoWood over the life of the product.

Can you get Aluminium windows that look like wood?

Any style of aluminium window or door is available in the DecoWood finish including accessories such as fly screens, security screens and retractable screens. Timber-look aluminium windows and doors offer a wide range of benefits when compared to real timber windows.

What is aluminium cladding?

Aluminium Cladding in the AFS product line Architects often choose aluminium for wall cladding. Aluminium can be easily formed in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, making it a metal that can be used for various purposes. Panel systems and cladding systems can be fabricated with aluminium as the main material.

What is aluminium decking?

Unlike wood and composite boards, aluminium decking not only offers a seamless beautiful deck in a wide range of colours, it also creates a waterproof and drip-free environment below the deck so that it can be used for balconies, upper decks, and even for the ceiling of conditioned indoor spaces.

What is wood grain aluminium?

Now you can have the luxurious, warm look of wood windows and doors, without the hassle of maintenance and sealing. The new powder coated woodlook aluminium provides a long-term investment in the windows and doors of your house. Colours Available: Mahogany, Walnut, Old Oak & Cherry.

How good is Aluminium cladding?

Exterior aluminium cladding is a great alternative to traditional cladding options such as timber or weatherboard. Aluminium’s strength and durability means it is the perfect material for external building projects, yet it’s light weight makes installation a breeze.

Is aluminium decking any good?

Aluminum is one of the most durable, if not the most durable, decking material you can opt for. It doesn’t have an expiration date and can last a lifetime. It’s a highly durable alternative for your deck because it’s not prone to damage, doesn’t scratch easily, and it can resist various weather conditions.

Is aluminium decking cheaper than timber?

Aluminium decking is typically about twice as expensive as traditional wood and composite decking. The initial outlay in price necessitates professional installation due to the tools need to cut and fix aluminium. PVC decking costs more than traditional timber and composite.