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Is Cisco 2811 End of Life?

Is Cisco 2811 End of Life?

What is Cisco 2811 End of Life (EOL)? End of Life (EOL) means that the Cisco 2811 will no longer be sold, marketed, or updated it after the EOL date. Cisco continues to offer post-warranty support, but Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) is available for most OEM equipment that is EOL.

What is Cisco Router 2811?

The Cisco 2811 is an integrated services router designed by Cisco to support multiple WAN interfaces. The Cisco 2811 supports multiple T1 / E1 / xDSL connections and has built in support for over 90 Cisco modules. Four high speed WAN slots are available in addition to an enhanced network module slot.

What is Cisco integrated services router?

Cisco’s Integrated Services Routers Overview ISR routers provide reliable, secure branch office connectivity and a robust set of features that enable cloud computing, secure networking, multimedia performance, and mobile connectivity. The ISR series also use Cisco’s IOS operating system, as opposed to IOS XE or IOS XR.

Can we configure EtherChannel on router?

EtherChannel can only be set up manually on ISR. Negotiation protocol such as Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) are not supported. Manually configured EtherChannel ports do not exchange EtherChannel protocol packets; hence no EtherChannel negotiation takes place.

What is ISR in networking?

ISR stands for Integrated Service Router. The term “integrated services” describes a type of network architecture used to guarantee network Quality of Service (QoS). ISR series routers have edge networking capabilities and provide reliable, secure branch office connectivity.

What are integrated service routers?

An IP router, ISR router, or network router, is a networking device that forwards information between digital networks. The acronym “ISR” stands for integrated service router. The acronym “IP” stands for Internet Protocol, the de facto standard for modern network communication.

What is router service?

Service Routing is a method to use the router control plane to provide services to applications. Over time, each router builds a complete set of data about all the other nodes; the data is then available to the local application at any location.

Is EtherChannel considered to be a Layer 2 or layer 3 technology?

A layer 3 etherchannel is similar to an interface on a router. The switch won’t “switch” traffic on this interface but route it. Because it’s a layer 3 interface, we configure an IP address on it. If you forget to run the no switchport command on an interface, your etherchannel will be layer 2 instead of layer 3!

What is a layer 3 port channel?

Layer3 port channel are used for interconnecting routers with routers or routers with multilayer switches for the same reasons of increased performance and link fault tolerance. No L2 signalling protocol including STP plays a role on Layer3 port channel.

What is ISR Cisco?

Cisco’s line of integrated services routers provides reliable, secure branch office connectivity at an affordable price. ISRs provide a robust set of features that enable cloud computing, mobile connectivity, multimedia performance and secure networking.

What is ISR in telephony?

ISR refers to the unauthorized routing and completing of international long-distance calls using lines, cables, antennas, and/or airwave frequency and connecting these calls directly to the local or domestic exchange facilities of the country where these are destined.

What are the types of Cisco routers?

Integrated Services Routers

  • Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers.
  • Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Routers.
  • Cisco 1000 Series Integrated Services Routers.
  • Cisco 900 Series Integrated Services Routers.