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How to prepare your leasing business in China?

How to prepare your leasing business in China?

Preparing your leasing business in China requires commitment and patience. Both lessor and lessee should be familiar with the tax and legal regulations in order to be compliant with the Chinese law. The construction industry has two types of leasing; operational leasing and financial leasing.

Which is the leading leasing company in China?

It is one of the leading Chinese leasing companies and one of the first to pioneer the financial model in 2007. Standard & Poor’s has given BoComm Leasing a credit rating of A-, while Fitch Ratings has provided an A credit rating which matches its parent company, Bank of Communications.

How much does it cost to buy a business in China?

Buy for a$10m/under u$6m, make up to a$20m. live in the safest country in the world with the best economy and make money … profit is high because all products are sourced from direct suppliers… More details » This business has been operating for over twelve years.

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What are the terms for leasing in China?

The Chinese leasing companies are understandably wary about releasing specific deal terms in such a competitive market but, as illustrated in the table below, typical terms for sale and leaseback transactions with Chinese leasing companies are often preferable to the terms that accompany traditional bank debt.

When did financial leasing companies start in China?

In 2005, two years following its establishment, the CBRC introduced administrative measures on financial leasing companies, and these measures have since been amended several times, each time making it easier for Chinese leasing companies to conduct international, private sector business.

How much debt can a leasing company have?

An operating lease can reach up to 100%. Senior bank debt these days is typically below 70% and even 60%. With mezzanine finance, it may be possible to reach over 80%, but this is very deal dependent and costly.