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How to expand a tdev in VMAX?

How to expand a tdev in VMAX?

Create the “LUN” – TDEV (Thin Device)

  1. Login as administrator (default login “smc”).
  2. Select the Symmetrix VMAX to be configured.
  3. Press the “Storage” icon and then the “Volumes” object.
  4. Expand the “Virtual Volume” folder, select “TDEV” and then press the “View” button.
  5. Press the “Create” button.

How do I remove Tdev from Vmax?

The steps involved are:

  1. Delete the ESX Host Masking View.
  2. Remove ESX Boot volume (TDEV) from Storage group.
  3. Delete the ESX Host Storage Group.
  4. Mark the TDEV as not_ready.
  5. Unmap the TDEV from the FA ports.
  6. Unbind TDEV from Pool.
  7. ( If) META Volume Dissolve.
  8. Delete the Device.

What is Symmetrix VMAX?

EMC Symmetrix VMAX systems are storage platforms intended for open systems and mainframe computing. Symmetrix VMAX systems run the Enginuity operating environment.

What is thin pool in Vmax?

The underlying structure of Thin Pools are made up of whats called ‘Data Devices’ (TDAT’s). These devices provide the actual physical storage used by Thin Devices (TDEV’s). Thin Pools may only consist of Data devices with the same emulation and protection type.

What is Vmax replication?

VMAX local replication TimeFinder SnapVX provides the ability for customers to take snapshots of their production data at scale, it also provides the ability to link devices/Storage Groups to provide access into these point in time copies for backup and other purposes such as test and development.

What is difference between Vmax and VMAX3?

VMAX3 Engine. VMAX3 inherited the same engine based concept from VMAX. Engine consists of two redundant director boards (controllers) that house global memory, front-end connectivity, back-end connectivity & internal network communications components.

What type of storage is Vmax?

VMAX systems are high-end, scalable storage platforms intended for open systems and mainframe computing. The VMAX system features a bay containing one to eight engines and separate rollup storage bays.

What is EMC VNX used for?

Dell EMC VNX is a family of enterprise-grade unified file and block storage systems. The Dell EMC VNX family of storage systems combines data storage scalability and flexibility with industry-leading simplicity and efficiency, reducing the total costs of ownership and operation of the storage system.

What does Vnx stand for?

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How many DAEs are in a fully populated PowerMax 8000?

The initial PowerMax 2000 or 8000 brick includes a single engine consisting of two directors, two system power supplies (SPS), and two 24-slot 2.5” NVMe Drive Array Enclosures (DAEs). PowerMax storage arrays can scale up and scale out.

What is director in Vmax?

Each V-MAX engine contains two directors and each director contains Host and Disk device adaptors, a CPU complex, and cache memory. The engine also includes cooling fans and redundant power supplies.