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How to continue a chat with a girl?

How to continue a chat with a girl?

If you’ve begun chatting with a girl—whether in person or online—it can sometimes be challenging to think of new conversation topics and keep the chat going. If you would like to continue the chat, find things that you and the girl have in common, and ask questions to find out more of her thoughts and opinions.

What to do when your customer service chat is winding down?

When you feel a chat is winding down, never assume that you have done all that you can for the customer–there’s always the opportunity to go the extra mile. Think back to your own customer service experiences–you’ll probably realize that you’re more likely to go back to those companies whose agents exceeded your expectations.

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What should I say at the end of a chat?

Thank a customer with the following lines: Thanks for stopping by, we hope to hear from you again! We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon! When you are getting ready to end your chat, remember that this is hopefully not the last time this customer will be using your company or buying your product.

What should you do at the end of a chat?

When you end a chat like that, you make customers feel like just that–a problem. Give your customer the same attention you gave her when she first came to you. She is just as important now as she was then.

Why is supportiv online chat available 24 / 7?

The convenience factor of the online chat, available 24/7, also helps. See for yourself, by clicking Chat Now and following the quick steps. Supportiv’s online chat has already helped over 100,000 people find answers to their questions and walk away with one-of-a-kind insights.

How long should a live chat response be?

Visitors usually expect an immediate answer when they’re engaging a chat, I would say that it should not be more than 5 minutes. BoldChat study shows that 80% of the chats receive an answer by operator in less than 10 minutes.

Do you have time for a quick chat?

Don’t suggest an hour, the person will stay longer if they want to or are able to. Buy their lunch or coffee. Make sure, at the very least, you have offered to buy their lunch or coffee. If you see that they are in line, join them in line and offer to pay.