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How to ask God for direction in my life?

How to ask God for direction in my life?

Lord God, I give in to Your divine hands the health, peace and direction of my life and ask for Your divine guidance. With so much noise in this world today Father, it is hard to really listen and hear Your voice.

How can I find direction in my life?

Father, please guide me because I have lost my direction. Help me to navigate my way through the labyrinth of my personal relationships and along Your path ahead. Dear Lord, lead me through the way I must walk. Guide my footsteps each day, so I will not stray from the direction You have set for me, Your child.

How to pray for divine direction for my Life Today?

With so much noise in this world today Father, it is hard to really listen and hear Your voice. Loving Father God, please illuminate my feet with Your holy light which will enable me to walk in Your mighty courage and to stand strong in the many faces of adversity that are being placed in my path by the evil one.

How are children raised in the right way?

They need to be pointed in the right direction day after day. They need admonition like a plant needs fertilizer. And as water activates the fertilizer, making it available to the roots, smiles activate our admonition making it available to the soul of the child. Children raised right grow up right, no exceptions.

What is it like to have a granddaughter?

Having a granddaughter is a new kind of love experience. It is an experience of joy without the fear that comes with being a new parent. Having a granddaughter is having someone who will love you indefinitely, without restrictions. It is having someone to show you the innocent beauties of life.

What to do when your granddaughter says something rude?

In addition to the games, I think letting people know the consequences of their words is a good idea. Thus, whenever your granddaughter says something rude, you could respond by telling her that hurts your feelings, and that you will not allow her to talk to you like that.

How can I help my granddaughter with empathy?

If your concern is framed in such a way that it is about her unhappiness, or your fear that she will act that way toward others who love her less, it may be easier for them to hear and accept that something needs to be done. (Please read our important explanation below.)

Why is my granddaughter so disrespectful to me?

I attend all of the special events in her life — soccer games, dance recitals, and cheerleading competitions — and I’m a big part of her life. Most of the time she is the ideal granddaughter, but there are times when she is very hurtful and disrespectful of me.