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How old is Alice from Superjail?

How old is Alice from Superjail?

30 years old
Alice is a tall muscular woman whose eyes are always hidden behind her pink, cat-eyed glasses. She can often be seen wearing her blue Superjail guard uniform. She is also rarely seen wearing her hair out of its ponytail. She stands at 6’1″ and she is 30 years old.

How old is Jared Superjail?

Jared (Born on October 22 1977) is Superjail’s accountant, who keeps the books straight.

Why did they stop making Superjail?

Saved from Development Hell: The Superjail pilot was originally to air in September 2005. Delays, rewrites, and other factors pushed production back to late 2006. After nearly a year of no word from Adult Swim on the show’s fate, it was revealed that the network had quietly cancelled Superjail!

What was the point of Superjail?

Superjail seems to house its own reality, where space-time at points seem to be controlled by the Warden, or in other times, acts as an external governing force that pushes along the plot into often humorously violent climax scenes….Superjail (Place)

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Is Alice a man?

Alice is the overall tritagonist of Superjail!….

Also known as Big Al Really Sexy
Vital statistics
Role Alice the Enforcer
Gender Female

When was Superjail Cancelled?

July 20, 2014
Superjail!/Final episode date

Does the warden like Alice?

The Warden was immediately attracted to Alice and began flirting with her immediately.

Is Superjail coming back?

The psychedelic Adult Swim series Superjail! returns for season four on June 15, promising six brand new 11-minute episodes that will have you thanking your lucky stars for life on the outside.

When did Superjail get Cancelled?

Is Alice a unisex name?

Alice is most often used as a feminine given name, used primarily in English and French; however, it has proven popular in some other languages. It is also used as a surname.

Who is the head prison guard in Superjail?

Alice (voiced by Christy Karacas) – The hulking, muscular head prison guard of Superjail who is transgender and regularly engages in sadomasochistic rituals with the prisoners (often without their consent), though she rebuffs the Warden’s constant advances. She was originally a male guard at a normal prison,…

Who is the warden of Superjail in Canada?

In Canada, Superjail previously aired on G4 ‘s Adult Digital Distraction block, and currently airs on the Canadian version of Adult Swim. The Warden (voiced by David Wain) – The proprietor and warden of Superjail and main protagonist of the series.

How big is the prison population in Superjail?

Superjail’s inmate population is estimated by Jared, the Warden’s primary assistant, to be in excess of 70,000, though the show’s creators mention that the prison processes “billions of inmates”.

Which is the only supermax prison in America?

Deep in the mountains of Colorado, America’s only supermax prison houses the nation’s most violent inmates. The infamous ADX Florence has earned the nickname “The Alcatraz of the Rockies” because of its extreme security.