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How much weight can a cat 305 lift?

How much weight can a cat 305 lift?

Lift Capacities at Ground Level – Lift Point Radius: 4000 mm (13’1”)

Blade Down – Side 1411 lb 640 kg
Blade Down – Front 2778 lb 1260 kg
Blade Up – Side 1257 lb 570 kg
Blade Up – Front 1676 lb 760 kg

How much weight can a cat 304 lift?

Cat 304 E Compact Excavator Specs

Arm (stick) length used for dimensions & forces (ft/in): 4′ 3″
Bucket digging force (lbs): 8,498
Arm (stick) force (lbs): 4,856
Lift over end, 10′ radius @ ground (lbs): 3,549
Lift over side, 10′ radius @ ground (lbs): 2,028

How much weight can a Cat 308 excavator lift?


Operating Weight 20077 lb 9105 kg
Maximum Operating Weight with Cab** 20077 lb 9105 kg
Minimum Operating Weight with Cab* 18610 lb 8440 kg

How much can a cat 325 lift?

With an 8 percent increase in max lifting capacity over the 321D, the 325F L can lift 27,000 pounds at 15 feet over the front at ground level. Coming in at a weight of 57,115 pounds this machine features a 45,591-pound drawbar pull and swing speed of 11.2 rpm.

How big is a caterpillar 324e LN excavator?

The model’s dimensions are 10.063m x 2.99m x 3.19m. The bucket of 324 E LN has a capacity of 1,4m³ which is average for this type of machine. Since 2012, this model has included Aircondition and Track adaption.

What kind of monitor does the 324e hydraulic excavator use?

Monitor The 324E is equipped with a new LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor that’s 40% bigger and has higher resolution than the previous model’s monitor. In addition to an improved keypad and added functionality, it’s programmable to provide information in a choice of 42 languages to support today’s diverse workforce.

How does the 324e hydraulic excavator regenerate oil?

The 324E regenerates the low of oil from the rod end to the head end of the stick cylinder during low-load, stick-in operation – an approach that saves energy and expense. 5

What are the specs of a Caterpillar excavator?

Specification 1 Weight 25.13 t 2 Transport length 10.06 m 3 Transport width 2.99 m 4 Transport height 3.19 m 5 Bucket capacity 1,4 m³ 6 Undercarriage NLC 7 Track width 600 mm 8 Boom MB 9 Max. Reach horizontal 10,11 m 10 Dredging depth 6,81 m