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How much should I charge to stud my dog?

How much should I charge to stud my dog?

There are no laws or rules on how much a stud dog fee should be. However, the general rule of thumb is that the stud dog owner will normally charge a fee equivalent to the price of one puppy.

Do you get paid to stud your dog?

Stud dog fees refer to the amount that a popular proven male dog is paid for each stud service. Indeed, stud dog owners generally get paid each time one of their studs mates with a female dog. On average, stud dog fees come to an amount of $250 to $1000 for each time that he mates with the female dog.

Do I need a contract to stud my dog?

The contract must be signed by each owner and clearly details their service rights. A stud service contract ensures both parties who enter into the agreement uphold their end of the bargain whilst protecting the health and welfare of the stud, dam, and offspring.

How do you make a stud dog contract?

STUD DOG OWNER AGREES TO: 1) Provide a four-generation pedigree of the above-named Stud Dog; 2) Provide copies of any OFA or other clearances or testing results that have been performed on the Stud Dog; 3) Provide documentation of a current clear Brucellosis screening; 4) Take proper care of the Bitch while in Stud Dog …

What does stud mean for a dog?

A stud animal is a registered animal retained for breeding. The terms for the male of a given animal species (stallion, bull, rooster, etc.) usually imply that the animal is intact—that is, not castrated—and therefore capable of siring offspring.

Where can I stud my dog?

So, how do you find the perfect stud? National breed clubs are usually your best bet for connecting with a top-notch breeder. The easiest way to find one of these clubs is by visiting the website of the American Kennel Club and checking the breed page for your chosen breed.

How much does stud service cost?

The amount of the fee is determined by the stud dog owner and listed in the contract. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $1,000 depending on how many champions a particular stud has produced. Some breeders charge a stud fee that is equal to the asking price for one puppy.

Do female dogs feel pain during mating?

In perfect situations, all of this occurs without any pain or discomfort for your female dog. However sometimes there can be variances in mating tendencies, and this can have a direct impact on how your dog behaves. She might try to pull away from the male during the tie.

How to fill out a stud dog contract?

Apply a check mark to indicate the answer where needed. Double check all the fillable fields to ensure total accuracy. Use the Sign Tool to add and create your electronic signature to signNow the Stud dog contract template – American Dog Breeders Association form. Press Done after you finish the blank.

How is the fee for a stud dog determined?

A set fee is paid to the stud owner by the bitch’s owner. The fee is paid in consideration of the stud dog’s work, and does not in itself guarantee that the bitch will conceive. The amount of the fee is determined by the stud dog owner and listed in the contract.

How to fill out a puppy purchase contract?

Puppies For Sale Dog Birth Purchase Contract Dog bill of sale More like this Whelping Puppies Whelping Box Dog Kennels Puppy Nursery Puppy Room Puppy Care Dog Care Puppy Growth Chart Pregnant Dog MS Word Puppy Deposit Receipt Template |… For an ideal puppy deposit receipt it is very important to have the breed of the puppy mentioned.

How to become part of the AKC stud service program?

Breeders are eligible to become a part of this program if they: Have participated in AKC events for at least five years. Have earned titles on at least four dogs from litters of AKC-registered dogs that they either bred or co-bred with another breeder. The titles must be from conformation, performance or companion events.

Do you need a contract for a stud dog?

Stud Dog Owner will happily provide Bitch Owner with a copy of a Pet and Show Contract if one is needed. Stud Dog Owner understands that most breeders sell puppies with a first right of refusal clause. Stud Dog Owner would appreciate being informed of puppies that are returned for any reason.

What are the terms of a stud service contract?

Terms of Contract The fee for this service is (amount to be based on price of a puppy) to be paid at the time of breeding. CONDITIONS STUD OWNER AGREES TO: 1. Provide bitch owner with a complete three generation pedigree of the dog. 2. Take normal adequate care of the bitch while in our charge. 3.

Who is the owner of a stud dog?

This contract is entered into by Stud Dog Owner, Alison A. Brendel, DVM, and [Bitch Owner Name]. STUD FEE ( ) To be paid up front before Breeding ( ) Paid as a Deposit, with Balance to be paid upon Litter whelping ( ) Pick Puppy Male/Female, to be determined by Stud Dog Owner

When do you pick a name for a stud dog?

Stud Dog Owner(s) will choose said puppy at 7 weeks of age, before any puppies from said litter have left the bitch owner’s residence, after examination of litter by Stud Dog Owner(s) or his/her representative. Said puppy will carry the Stud Owner’s kennel name as a prefix. Bitch Owner’s theme, if specified, will be used to name said puppy.