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How much is a reinstatement fee in Michigan?

How much is a reinstatement fee in Michigan?

If you have no other tickets, fines, or other issues, all you have to do is pay the standard $125 reinstatement fee. If you have anything else on your driving record, you need to take care of those things before your license can be restored.

How much is my reinstatement fee in Tennessee?

Reinstatement requirements: Submit proof that the criminal offense has been satisfied or is on a payment plan with the court. Surrender Tennessee Driver License. Reinstatement fees: $65 Reinstatement fee, $75 Failure to Surrender License Fee (if applicable).

How do I pay my reinstatement fee in Oklahoma?

How may I pay the fees?

  1. At the Oklahoma City office of DPS the fees may be paid by cash, money order, cashier’s check, or a major credit card. Use of a credit card incurs an additional 4.0 % service fee.
  2. Payments by Cash, Credit Cards, and Personal checks are not acceptable at the DPS’ field offices or by mail.

Where do I go to get my license reinstated in Tennessee?

To receive reinstatement requirements, please go online to or contact the Reinstatement Call Center toll-free at 866-903-7357. NOTE: To see a map and get driving directions, click a county’s name.

Can I check my drivers license status online Oklahoma?

According to the partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and, Oklahoma’s Official Website, you can check your driver’s license online.

Why do I have to pay a reinstatement fee?

The reinstatement fee is to recover the costs incurred when a driver is suspended or disqualified. The fee means that the cost of these services will no longer be borne by the general driving public. They will be met by the people whose actions cause those costs to be incurred. What is the reinstatement fee for?

How much does it cost for a DMV reinstatement?

Currently, DMV reinstatement fees may be up to $220, depending on the type of suspension, revocation or disqualification. Below is information on the reinstatement fees required for the most common suspension/revocation/disqualification orders, and how the fees are used.

What does it cost to reinstate a property?

The reinstatement cost of a property is the amount it would cost to totally rebuild the property in the event that it was totally destroyed.

What is the legal definition of’reinstatement’?

To restore to a condition that has terminated or been lost; to reestablish. To reinstate a case, for example, means to restore it to the same position it had before dismissal. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

How do I pay the fee for reinstatement?

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  • Visiting one of our self-service BMV Connect kiosks.

    Is it possible to get reinstatement fees waived?

    It is also possible to obtain a waiver of the reinstatement fee. Under section 9-25-6-15.1 of the Indiana Code, a driver can file a petition seeking a waiver of the reinstatement fee. The petition must be filed in the drivers local County criminal court, the local prosecutor will be given notice and a chance to respond.

    Can I pay my reinstatement fee online?

    In most cases, you can pay your reinstatement fee online, by mail, or in person. Because you will usually have to provide some other documents in addition to the fee, mailing in your documents and fees together or paying in person might make the most sense.

    What is the license reinstatement fee in Texas?

    Reinstatement fees: $65 Reinstatement fee, $75 Failure to Surrender License Fee (if applicable). For revocations effective prior to July 1, 2019, the reinstatement fee (s) will be waived if the criminal offenses are on a payment plan with the court (s).