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How much does Fergburger cost?

How much does Fergburger cost?

But nowhere had atmosphere as rich as Fergburger. Queenstown isn’t cheap, henceforth the Fergburger as a genuine filling meal for $10 – $15 is phenomenal. And you are guaranteed a delicious succulent burger.

Can you order Fergburger by phone?

Try the classic Ferg with Cheese, Tropical Swine, the Chief Wiggam or the Cockadoodle Oink… you can’t go wrong! Order in person or via phone, 8am-5pm 7 days.

Can you book Fergburger?

Not for seating, which is limited. Apparently you can order by phone and thereby save the time in the waiting queue. over a year ago.

Why is Fergburger famous?

The original Fergburger, the hole in the wall selling burgers at 3am in dingy Cow Lane, was the real deal. Its presence shared only by word-of-mouth, it quickly became a favourite for late night drunken brawls and hook ups.

What are the best burgers in the world?

  • Blue Collar (New York, USA)
  • HiHo Cheeseburger (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Patty & Bun (London, England)
  • Au Cheval (Chicago & New York, USA)
  • Bleecker Burger (London, England)
  • J.G. Melon (New York, USA)
  • Burger & Beyond (London, England)
  • Emily (New York, USA)

Who owns Fergburger?

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith is the owner-director of Fergburger. He was the driving force in starting the business 10 years ago with two Warehouse barbecues and a deep-fryer in a tiny 3m by 3m outlet in Cow Lane.

When did Ferg bar open?

Ferg’s Bar was the fourth brand in the group’s portfolio. “Fergbaker opened in an adjourning premise in 2011, followed by Mrs Ferg, the group’s gelato stores, opening in 2014 and 2016.

What is in a Fergburger?

Fergburger is a hamburger restaurant located in Queenstown, New Zealand, which specialises in gourmet hamburgers. Their burgers include those prepared with lamb, cod, falafel, a swine-and-chicken mix and venison.

Is Fergburger the best burger in the world?

Most burger places claims to be home of the best burger in the world. But, back in 2015, CNN named Fergbuger “the best burger joint on the planet.” Unfortunately, the only location of the iconic Fergburger is halfway across the word in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Who is the owner of Fergburger?

What country eats the most hamburgers?

The United States eats the most fast food in the world. Burgers are the most popular form of fast food, taking up more than 50 percent of total fast food expenditure in the country.

What is the number 1 burger in the world?

Au Cheval, Chicago Voted the best burger in the world by The Burger Guide, Au Cheval serves up double and single cheeseburgers – with the option of adding bacon and egg – in a stylish diner setting.