How much do transitions Xtractive lenses cost?

How much do transitions Xtractive lenses cost?

Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, this clear UV coating is like sunscreen for your eyes. Item ranges in price between $150 and $200….Essilor Transitions® XtrActive® – Polycarbonate Lenses.

Category: Lenses
Sun Option: Photochromic
Premium Sun Option: Transitions®
Lens Treatment: UV Protection , Scratch Guard
Price Range: $150 – $200

Are transitions XTRActive lenses polarized?

The only and best ever polarized photochromic lenses* Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are designed for wearers who want extra protection in high-glare situations. Indoors they are clear with a hint of tint and outside they achieve a polarization efficiency of up to 90%1, which is similar to polarized sunglasses.

How much do polarized progressive lenses cost?

Factory Direct Prices

Our Price
Progressive No-Line CR39 Plastic Transitions® Lenses $159.00
Progressive No-Line 1.67 Super-Thin High Index Lensess $185.00
Progressive No-Line Polarized Polycarbonate Sunglass Lenses $185.00
Progressive No-Line Polycarbonate Transitions® Signature™ Lenses $189.00

What is a premium progressive lens?

Premium progressive lenses are often referred to as “free-form design” or “wavefront technology.” Premium lenses provide a much wider, distortion-free reading area. 2 Vision is often more clear because these lenses are usually 100% digitally surfaced or ground..

How much do Transitions lenses cost?

Depending on a few factors, such as the material, type and coating, the costs will range anywhere from as little as $150 to as much as $350 for just the lenses without insurance. This price won’t include your prescription or the frames.

Are Varilux lenses polycarbonate?

The Varilux Varilux Physio Enhanced Polycarbonate Progressives is a perfect choice of Lenses from the brilliant Varilux collection. These exciting Lenses have a compelling arrangement of brilliant features. Polycarbonate offers the highest scratch and impact resistance available for current lens materials.

What makes Varilux lenses different?

But only Varilux progressive lenses feature W.A.V.E. Technology, which virtually removes those distortions. The result eliminates blurriness, providing superior sharp vision, even in dimly lit conditions.

Is the Varilux Physio W3 + polycarbonate progressive lens comfortable?

The recommended prescription range for this lens is -6.00 to +6.00 sphere, and -3.00 to +3.00 cylinder (slab off and prism excluded). The Varilux Physio W3+ polycarbonate lens is even more comfortable to wear than the Physio or the Comfort Lens.

Who is the manufacturer of the Varilux Physio lens?

The Varilux Physio is made by Essilor, the world’s largest maker of high quality eyeglass lenses. The best digital lens on the market today, the Physio W3 lens is digitally carved on both sides to provide the most comfortable, and widest viewing area possible.

Which is more comfortable, the Varilux or the physio?

The Varilux Physio W3+ polycarbonate lens is even more comfortable to wear than the Physio or the Comfort Lens. It is comparable to the Definity Digital Lens.

How much does a Varilux progressive lens cost?

Premium Progressive Lenses. Varilux Comfort® DRX. View Details. $139.00. Varilux Comfort® W2+. View Details. $159.00. Varilux® Physio®. View Details.