How much do general managers of chain restaurants make?

How much do general managers of chain restaurants make?

Restaurant General Manager Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $73,000 $6,083
75th Percentile $62,000 $5,166
Average $54,846 $4,570
25th Percentile $45,000 $3,750

How Much Should restaurant managers make?

MISSING VALUE in Calgary, AB Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Denny’s Restaurant Manager salaries – 2 salaries reported Calgary, AB Area $42,945/yr
Red Lobster Restaurant Manager salaries – 2 salaries reported Calgary, AB Area $4,840/mo
Starbucks Restaurant Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported Calgary, AB Area $42,217/yr

How many years of experience do you need to be a restaurant manager?

How to Become a Restaurant Manager

Required Education High school diploma with on-the-job training; certificate, associate degree or bachelor’s degree preferred by some employers
Other Requirements Up to five years of work experience in the field
Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)* 1%

How many hours should a general manager work?

General Managers typically work 30-40 hours a week. As little as they can get away with on a week to week basis.

How much does a general manager make at Taco Bell?

General managers at Taco Bell make between $50,000 to $80,000 per year, which Oches says is comparable to other popular fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC.

Which fast food managers make the most money?

Taco Bell leads the pack with the highest paid managers When it comes to the highest-paid managers in the fast-food industry, Taco Bell leads the pack, according to data from Glassdoor which analyzed 10 major players in the fast-food industry.

Do restaurant managers get benefits?

There are many practical benefits of a restaurant general manager job. Managers often receive full health care and vacation time, less common for lower level restaurant positions. Some receive bonuses for good performance or meeting budget goals.

Is restaurant manager a good career?

“Restaurant management is great if you like a lot of variety in what you do, like to work really hard, and enjoy working with people,” she says. “It is a fairly easy field to break into without investing in an education; however, you can move up faster and not start at the very bottom if you do have an education.”

Why is it difficult to be a restaurant manager?

The restaurant industry has a high rate of immigrant employment, in part because of the characteristically low wages and also because of the universality of culinary skills. Having employees from diverse cultures can be challenging for a restaurant manager because language barriers can impede communication, especially in training situations.

How many people work in the restaurant industry?

By 2027 there will be 1.6 million new restaurant jobs added to the 14.7 million people currently working in the industry today. Of the current employees, nine out of 10 managers got to their positions by starting at entry-level.

What’s the next step in a restaurant career?

The next step up is assistant manager, which is where most people make the switch from hourly to salaried employees, and benefits become part of the discussion. However, this is often the most challenging step on the way to the ultimate goal because the hours can be brutal and the level of responsibility can be daunting.

What’s the average salary for a restaurant manager?

The national average salary for a Restaurant Manager is $49,139 in United States.

How old is the manager of a restaurant?

We spoke with a restaurant manager who has worked for both chain restaurants and smaller independent establishments to learn how he arrived at his current job and what his days look like. Tell us a little about yourself and your experience. My name is Edward. I am 25 years old and I have been managing restaurants for about four years.

How to write a job description for a restaurant manager?

This Restaurant Manager job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages. It is easy to customize with duties and responsibilities for your restaurant, chain or fast food service company. Post now on job boards. We are looking for a Restaurant Manager to lead all aspects of our business.

What kind of training do you need to be a restaurant manager?

A manager’s training in culinary arts may help with food quality, presentation and customer service at a restaurant as well. Restaurant Managers should have the experience and business savvy to efficiently handle all aspects of day-to-day restaurant work.

Who is the stereotypical manager in a restaurant?

If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show about working in a restaurant, they often have a stereotypical manager who is a lonely, awkward, sometimes perverted guy who sits in the office all day doing “paperwork.” I’d love to say those people don’t exist, but they do.