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How much did Ranjan pay in full settlement?

How much did Ranjan pay in full settlement?

He pays 50 paise in rupee in full settlement May 4 A cheque received from Ranjan deposited into bank was returned dishonored 6,300 May 5 Wood used for making office furniture 5,000 May 21 Due from Rama are bad debts 600 May 25 Purchased building and issued cheque 4,300

How much did Sharda and co pay on Jan 31?

Sharda & Co. in full settlement of amount due from them 9,750 Jan. 31 Paid for electricity charges 1,000 Jan. 31 Paid salary 1,500 Jan. 31 Paid rent of building by cheque, half of the building is used by the proprietor for residential use 5,000 Jan. 31 Drew for private use 3,500 The solution for this question is as follows:

How much did TS Grewal get from Anupama?

April 1 Cash in Hand 6,400 April 3 Received Cash from Anupama 1,00,000 April 4 Paid into Bank 80,000 April 5 Received from Bhumika as commission ₹ 6,000 plus CGST and SGST @ 6% each April 6 Paid Wages 30,000 April 7 Withdrawn from Bank for expenses 30,000 April 8 Purchased goods from Ashok on credit of ₹ 10,000

How much did Sudhir Kumar pay in journalising solutions?

Prepare Journal from the transactions given below: Received ₹ 1,200 of a bad debts written-off last year. Sudhir Kumar who owed me ₹ 3,000 has failed to pay the amount. He pays me a compensation of ₹ 45 paise in a rupee.

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